Senate Democrats Still Think There Is a Covid Emergency

When will the pandemic finally end? For those who are in the powerhouse, it appears it's a thorny question to ask.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the U.S. Senate passed a resolution to stop the COVID-caused national emergency that was declared in 2020. However, not everyone was in agreement.

Prior to that, the bill had been unable to be enacted. In the September 60 Minutes interview Joe Biden made a statement:

“The pandemic has ended. We're still dealing with COVID and we're working hard on COVID. … However, the epidemic is over.”

CBS News:

Mr. Biden's remarks came just a few weeks ago, after his administration requested Congress to provide billions in funding to continue its vaccination and testing efforts.

This Leader of the Free World seemed to have spoken in a different manner…

The comment is contrary to the assertions made by his advisers earlier in the month, in which they urged Americans to look for an up-to-date booster prior to the feared winter and fall outbreak that could be a result of this virus.

“The pandemic isn't finished. We will be vigilant and, of course, we will continue to monitor and prepare for unexpected changes and twists,” said Dr. Ashish Jha, White House's COVID-19 chief, who spoke to reporters on the 6th of September.

RedState's Nick Arama pointed out at the time that Joe's announcement put “all of his state mandates and mandates into doubt, not to mention the legal basis for his bailout of student loans. There was speculation that he did this to seem more credible before the election.”

According to The Independent, damage control occurred:

“The President was aware of the criticism in his remarks to donors. The President then explained that what meant is that the pandemic ‘basically is not where it was.’”

However, in the wake of the President's announcement that he would not be announcing a state of emergency, Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) brought back Senate Joint Resolution 63. On the 15th of November, the attempt to end the emergency was declared with 61 yays that included 100% of Republicans. However, 37 Democrats were against the move. In other words, over three-dozen senators believe America is in a Code Red state over the coronavirus.

However, COVID is now part of the world and the majority of people haven't voluntarily stayed away for quite a long period of time. In reality, just 2 million Americans have taken the time to receive an autumn COVID-19 booster. The majority of the country has gone on. However, for a few in the seats of authority, the idea of an emergency state seems to be a good one.

On the Senate floor on Tuesday, Senator Marshall offered the following:

“Congress must take the necessary step of limiting the massive expansion of government, and restore Americans basic rights by ending the COVID-19 emergency declaration. Concerning the components of this pandemic response, which are effective and necessary to be codified into law.”

The legislation will leave the House and President to be reached and it appears that the White House isn't ready to change its position. Just before S.J. 63 was passed by the upper chamber, Biden's Office of Management and Budget issued a clear statement:

“Continuously securing against COVID-19 and making sure that our response is quick and agile is top of the line.”

“Among the priorities of the Administration. … National emergency allows the Administration to respond more efficiently to COVID-19. This includes ensuring that the necessary supplies are ready to fight the disease and facilitating the provision of health services during a time when the health system has been stressed for a long time. The authorities in charge must keep responding to not just the Omicron variant however, but also to new sub variants that are already spreading across the United States and future variants that could emerge. … Maintaining the ability to respond is more vital than ever before as we move into winter, which is when respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 tend to be more prevalent.”

It's more beneficial for the economy:

“Invigorated by the continuous announcement of a national emergency, the federal response to COVID-19 is continuing to help people live longer as well as improve health outcomes and help the American economy.”

Brass Tacks:

“If Congress approves of this resolution, the President would veto it.”

When do you think the pandemic will be gone? For Joe Biden — though Biden may not be aware, the time is not anytime in the near future. Same goes for the 37 Senate Democrats.

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