Biden Bows Out of g20 Event Without Explanantion

As we reported previously, President Joe Biden has been on an overseas trip for the past few days. Like most times, it has brought many embarrassing moments, possibly the most prominent was his shameless kowtowing to Chinese “leaders” ahead of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia at a moment where the United States should be projecting confidence and competence on the world stage.

In a more alarming moment, several media outlets are reporting that Biden unexpectedly quit the G20 leaders' dinner on Monday evening without giving any explanation, referring to the event as an “early lid” – something his aides are known for doing within the U.S. in order to prevent him from getting off-script and saying something that they'll need to clean up in the future.

In The Washington Times, a Biden spokesperson said that the alleged “matters” were “nothing urgent”:

An official from the White House stressed that President Biden does not have COVID-19, but provided no explanation of the sudden shift. The official claimed that Biden had been occupied for all day of meetings and had to pay attention to some issues but didn't go any further beyond stating it was “nothing urgent” that commanded his attention.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy explained why it was rare for the leaders of world present at this year's G20 summit to not attend the G20 dinner:

“My theory on this is that if these other issues were not “urgent,” as the anonymous White House official quoted in several stories Then why was Biden required to miss the G-20 dinner in the first place? Biden admitted Monday at the press conference there he had “a little cold,” however, his handlers have emphasized that this isn't COVID, even though a different leader from the G-20 whom Biden has had frequent interactions with this weekend tested positive for COVID. 

Thus, Biden retired early to his hotel, rather than going for the dinner because it was “nothing urgent,” just was having a “long day” and Biden was also dealing with additional “matters” to attend to following what Doocy described as the “two day” flight to arrive?

Go on, people. There is nothing much to look at. Our fearless leader is unable to fulfill his obligations (again) and the people who are around him are not being open and open to the public about the specifics of what is happening (again).

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