Church Issues Prayer Promoting Euthanasia

Churches aid people in doing a range of things, like, in the end it appears — killing themselves.

If you're not familiar with the bible-based United Church of Canada, this is the information on the website:

“The United Church celebrates two sacraments including communion and baptism by which we are able to experience the grace of God.”

“Each person is an individual and loved creation of God. We welcome everyone to participate in the experience of Christian community including marriage.”

“In the light of Jesus, we believe we can strengthen each other to do God's will to create an improved world.”

“God's unending generosity to us is a great encouragement to our own desire to be a part of contributing in many ways to the mission of God in the world.”

A key part of that mission is, as it seems, to help people who are contemplating suicide to take action. So, in light of the loosening of regulations governing the Canadian Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program, the church has also released their Prayer in the Middle of Fear. The prayer was co-created by Sheila Noyes, former co-president of Dying With Dignity Canada. Consider it an update to the 22nd Psalm:

“I'm scared. Fear is piercing my thoughts along with my heart. I feel fearful in my body.”

“I'm scared to die. I am not sure what lies ahead of me. A wall of death. I am scared to open myself to the unknown.”

“I am devastated and scared to abandon my family. I'm still wanted!”

“I've abandoned hope for healing, but I hang faith in the next chapter of my life.”

“I'm afraid that my loved ones, grandchildren, and children are going to be in trouble if I declare that I will die by using medical aid for the dying…”

“Amid my anxiety, I am hopeful that my loved ones, grandchildren and children will accept the decision to end my pain.”

“I would like them to be proud of the decision I made and realize that MAID is in line with the compassion and love of Jesus. I feel so secure knowing that this is my decision. My family loves me, but they are unable to feel my pain. They are not able to understand my insufficiency.”

“I have faith and confidence that my final death is going to be peaceful. I am thankful that I have the ability to choose this option, as I am afraid of dying in pain and becoming completely helpless.”

It's an intriguing contribution by an organization that is based on a book that promotes not just life and happiness, but a life that is more abundant. In terms of religion, this is the age of revolution”

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Canada's MAID has been available since the year 2016. On March 17th of next year, the program will expand to people who suffer with mental disease. According to, the citizens will “not need to have a fatal or terminal condition to be eligible for medical assistance in dying.”

Returning to the United Church of Canada, its prayer composers also composed a prayer to children of parents who decide to self-terminate:

“We know that they are in pain. We've witnessed them crying. We've watched our parents cry, and we have seen other people weep. This makes us scared.”

“Our hearts will be broken by our parents. We will miss their smiles. We will miss their tales, we'll be sad to see them go.”

“Do you realize that your mom loved camping? God? She was a huge fan of camping.”

“We are not sure where they're going, however, we know that they'll stop suffering. We are happy that they'll stop suffering.”

“We don't know what happens to a person when they die. Perhaps some of them will go to a better location. Dear God, take charge of our parents in the event of their death. Take them in your arms and care for them in the aftermath, too.”

Also, on the website of the church:

“The Bible is the common basis of our faith, but the members are not obliged to adhere to any specific doctrine or creed.”

The new day is about to begin everywhere, even in churches of worship all over the globe.

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