McConnell Remains Senate Minority Leader

Following the red ripple  in the Senate,  senator Rick Scott decided to step into the spotlight and challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for the position in a letter to the Republicans to become bolder and more “bold and resolute” in an open letter in the direction of the GOP that was released on Tuesday.

“I'm sending you this letter as I feel it's the right time to call on the Senate Republican Conference to be more courageous and determined than before. It is time to begin articulating what we stand for and not only the things we oppose. I don't think we can continue to claim that Democrats are radicals, and they are. Republican voters want and need to know about our plan to advance and promote the conservative ideals.”

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other senatorial Republicans had initially asked for the race for leadership to be postponed until following the Georgia runoff, but their request was rejected.

McConnell was reelected on Wednesday and is poised to become the longest-serving leader of the party for a single term in Senate history.

Even though Republicans have lost the most winnable senatorial election in recent times, the party doesn't see any need to alter its course or reorganize. Many might consider that to be unsurprising.

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