School District in Rhode Island Says Misgendering is Violence

There's no distance to which they will not go to enforce their gender-based ideology on the population. Progressives have been involved in efforts to promote their ideology in schools, making it easier for students to accept their beliefs about gender, sexuality, and race.

Parents have come out in support of the issue, and leftists have turned to all sorts of offensive strategies to denigrate the parents. The other day in Rhode Island, an elected school district official said that people who employ the wrong pronouns to refer to transgender students commit “violence,” and that this “needs to be dealt with accordingly.”

Jennifer Lima, a school committee member of the North Kingstown school district, has been key in the introduction of “antiracist” policies to the district. 2021 was the last time she had to face an attempt to recall her in order to promote the “Marxist” agenda in classrooms. She also has been active in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs within the district.

Fox News reports:

“Around November 12 or so, Lima posted a blog post on an activist group, which stated that ‘Purposefully making students feel sexually different is a crime. So, respond in a manner that is appropriate.’”

To this statement, Lima included the definition of The World Health Organization. She added “any act of violence in our schools which creates an unsafe environment (physically or emotionally by or for any member of the school community) needs to be dealt with accordingly.”

Lima acknowledged that people could “find the use of the word violence… extreme,” however she told Fox she was speaking of “psychological violence.”

“I also believe that purposely misgendering someone is an act of psychological violence when done deliberately and consistently and should be responded to accordingly,” Lima wrote asking the school authorities to “investigat[e] and disciplin[e] such occurrences in the same way as any other biased-based assault.”

She also said, “I absolutely believe in First Amendment speech protections, in both my capacity for elected officials and as an individual. I don't believe that blog post implies that using improper pronouns is a cause for violence.”

But not everyone agrees with Lima's reasoning. Nicole Solas, a Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, told Fox News she believes the official is trying to “justify oppressive speech restrictions on vulnerable children.”

“If you believe you're under threat of violence then to ‘respond accordingly' means you act in self-defense, which is a physical and often violent action taken to protect yourself,” she added.

“Her public call for students to ‘respond accordingly' to non-existent violence is her own tacit call to violence against those who oppose her radical ideology,” Solas continued, adding that Lima “creates a hostile, paranoid school environment where violence is now more likely to happen.”

Lima is simply following the progressive playbook that teaches its adherents to accuse people who do not agree with their beliefs of being evil people who are not concerned about minorities. They argue that misgendering those who suffer from gender dysphoria is intended to intimidate the opposition into self-censoring.

What's violent? The mutilation of children's bodies. cutting the breasts of teenagers who suffer with mental illness. Prescription of drugs that forever alter their body's biology under the pretense of treating mental disease. This is exactly what people like Lima advocate for. They accuse others with the label of “psychological violence” to distract from the atrocities they promote against children. There are plenty who are not swayed by their attempts to manipulate emotions.

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