Babylon Bee Mocks Californians Experiencing Buc-ees

We've been providing you with hilarious takes from the Babylon Bee. One of them was a part of what might be the greatest “Democratic Ad” ever, with Joe Biden. There's also the ongoing series that features a liberal couple, Steve (she/her) and Timpani (she/him) who have relocated to Texas out from California.

As they continue their quest, they go from campaigning for Beto O'Rourke to meeting Timpani and the Zodiac Killer — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) – to Steve becoming a meat lover and Timpani even falling in love with, my God, guns.

They are aware of an issue and decide to meet with a marriage counselor Marilyn Micklin, who has her master's degree in “gender studies” from Evergreen State College. 

When they admit their troubles to Micklin, they discover how amazing Texas really is after they meet Steve's new buddies and are able to visit the wonder which is Buc-ees. It’s a gas station, however it's much more than that, and you can find anything you can think of. It turns out that gasoline could cost $2.99 when you reside in Texas and have plenty of clean pumps from which to pick. “That's impossible. The gas in California costs $7, and Biden declares that's been the scenario,” Timpani declares. “I am gonna use the all-gender bathroom, I hope there's not a line,” she is worried. “Oh there won't be,” the Texan observes.

Steve, who is about to go for his fill of meat, is fascinated by the different kinds of jerky available at Buc-ees. For Timpani, it's the bathrooms “The whole bathroom is cleaner than the one we have at home! Since I began making you pee in the sitting position.”

However, after having tasted freedom, and jumped into — even in Buc-ees clothing — there's a dramatic cliffhanger and Steve is left wondering if they've gone too far, and if – gasp! -they're supposed to return to California.

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