Jen Psaki Attempts to Avoid Accountability

Jen Psaki will soon be taking a break of a few days from her MSNBC role to be questioned in a lawsuit that claims she and her associates conspired with social media companies to block freedom of speech. Psaki has previously tried to block the subpoena request, asserting that her position and children's needs meant that she was being put on an “undue burden.”

As RedState revealed on Sunday evening, his initial request was ridiculed by a Federal magistrate from Virginia before being sent back to a Federal judge in Louisiana. The judge was not happy about the request, and managed to fake a head before denying the petition.

It's amazing the way he accepted Psaki's request to expedite the ruling only to send her spiraling back to earth in a ball of flames a few sentences after. He didn't bother to provide lengthy explanations for his decision. He simply dropped it on her like a tonne of bricks.

Psaki is the worst part of Washington. She's a pompous and amoral scold who continually talks about the importance of respecting the law whenever it's beneficial for her. However, when it requires an answer she attempts to get away from her obligations by making up excuses that would not be acceptable for the rest of us Americans. What lawsuits do you think you can avoid by not being on TV to be there? Psaki was actually thinking that might be a good idea, but. It's arrogance. 

There's plenty of evidence of cooperation between the Biden administration and the social media companies to shut down political discourse. It's clear that Psaki, Fauci, and others had direct access to top officials in Facebook, Twitter, and other places to spread their views and challenge the ones they didn't agree with. It's not just untrue; it's likely illegal since there's an unwritten prohibition against the government infringing rights via proxy.

It’s not clear what the outcome of this lawsuit will be. Perhaps it will end up going down and burning in the future. For now there is a small amount of accountability which is a good thing. Psaki is expected to be deposed, as are a variety of other Biden government officials. They'll then need to justify why they had to mix it in the background to ensure that political speech they did not like being blocked. Maybe they'll be able to provide an answer. Most likely, however, they won’t.

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