White House Struggles with Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Business

We've been addressing the issues of Hunter Biden, the laptop, and the business transactions with foreign companies and everything else that has to relate to Joe Biden for more than two years. We've seen CBS finally come around to admitting the laptop's existence and catching up with us in the space of two years. As we mentioned, this means that it's getting more difficult for them to disengage from the facts now.

Streiff thinks it could be a deliberate effort to make sure that Joe Biden knows what he's likely to face in the event that he does not step aside to become the Democratic nominee for 2024. It could be that you are aware that there will be an intense jockeying going on in the background about “how to solve a problem like Joe.”

It's difficult to debate the photos of Joe Biden having a meeting with the business friends of Hunter and Tony Bobulinski outlining Joe's proposed 10% share of the Chinese-linked firm, the millions the Biden family earned through international business transactions, and the confusion over the money in the relationship between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.

As we previously reported, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) -who is likely to be the head of the House Oversight Committee in the coming new Congress, has delivered on his promises for his fellow American people. Comer announced that there will be a House probe to investigate Joe Biden and if he was compromised due to those connections to foreign countries.

The incident prompted more questions directed to officials at the White House and what Joe Biden has to say regarding all this. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's response is one of her worst efforts to date; she's unable to provide a clear and concise answer to the public.

“Can you address whether the President was involved in any of his son Hunter or his brother's foreign business dealings?” The reporter inquired. Jean-Pierre's response was an unintelligible mess. “So look, I, you know, um, there's some, a little bit of, uh, interesting, uh, you know, kind of, on brand, uh, thinking here.” She attempted to dismiss the question by claiming that Republicans did not address inflation in the way they said they were going to do.

Jean-Pierre continued:

“They're not formulating solutions for how we can reduce expenses for Amer- -for American families. They're not formulating solutions as to how we deal with, uh, the issues that are most important for American family members.” After that, she started talking about how the American people do not want to see the Biden family to be investigated: “Look, the midterm elections were extremely transparent. They were quite clear about where Americans stated that they would like us to address the real problems. They were keen to address the issues we were witnessing as a threat to the democratic process. The idea was to grapple with how we will continue to fight to defend freedoms, and for the protections for the rights of American citizens.”

Democrats lost the House. It's not a reaffirmation of their deceit.

And, secondly, what outrageous wit from Jean-Pierre. You're going on to ridicule the GOP? It's not the GOP who caused this issue and it's your fault. Can you describe what you're planning to do to resolve the issue you caused? Since nothing you claim to have accomplished has actually done any good.

It appears that she's happy to make up stories on behalf of her position or doesn't realize that it's possible to perform more than one job at a given time in Congress.

In the end, Jean-Pierre's words are merely an attempt to deflect. She doesn't even answer the question regarding Joe Biden's role. This is because she's unable to argue that it's not true. Joe Biden has been lying around about it for nearly two years. In his new campaign for 2024, which has a history of ineffectiveness, Joe isn't going to be able to hide from the truths in the near future.

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