Public Defenders Reveal That Suspected Mass Shooter at Colorado LGBTQ Nightclub Views Self as Non-Binary

The left appears to have been pushing yet another lie. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the suspected gunman responsible for the massacre at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado identifies himself as “non-binary.”

In a legal filing, the suspect’s public defenders noted that Anderson Aldrich, the suspected shooter, uses “they/them” pronouns. New York Times reporter Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs tweeted that defense lawyers refer to the suspect as “Mx. Anderson Aldrich.”

Aldrich is currently in custody under suspicion of murder and hate crimes in connection with the incident at Club Q, which took place on Saturday night. He was wounded after members of the club attacked him in order to stop the massacre. He was released on Tuesday and booked into the El Paso County Jail.

The left-leaning media and influencers have claimed that this shooting may have been prompted by conservative rhetoric critical of the sexualization of children and a push to promote transgender identity in K-12 schoolchildren. They have tried to suggest that those who speak about these issues prompted the shooting and that it was the result of hate towards members of the LGBTQ community.

Media activist Brandy Zadrozny, who is a reporter for NBC News, singled out the Libs of TikTok Twitter account as well as Fox News host Tucker Carlson for encouraging “online hate trends” against the LGBTQ community. President Joe Biden was also on the scene, declaring that “gun violence continues to have a devastating and particular impact on LGBTQI+ communities across our nation, and threats of violence are increasing.”

Biden also spoke about the mass shooting that took place at an LGBT bar in Orlando, Florida, six years ago.

This is just a small selection of prominent leftists who are trying to place the deaths of five people in Club Q at the feet of conservatives. Others have seized upon the tragedy to advocate for restrictive laws regarding gun control against law-abiding citizens.

Aldrich and his legal team made their court debut virtually from the jail on Wednesday.

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