If They Take a Close Look, Tech Companies Will See Their Futures in Twitter’s Example

Twitter hasn’t been a financially successful company. It has survived on its investment capital plan, which has eaten up the profits of investors who hoped that it would become so big that it would become a monopoly and start taking in huge amounts of cash. Twitter has sometimes been positive in regards to its cash flow; however, that has not always been the situation.

The company was in a tense spot. At some point, someone was bound to appear and offer an extremely attractive offer, and the company was likely to change hands, with a number of individuals walking away with their bags.

It's likely that it was not necessary to go this way. Twitter invested a significant amount of its time and energy not focusing on innovations, expanding its user base, or making its current users more content. Instead, it squandered huge amounts of time and cash on social-justice messages as well as advancing leftist causes, all while so tightly controlling its own users that it frequently worked against the platform.

Furthermore, the website was treated as a full-time summer camp for adults. One former Twitter employee shared on Twitter that the work environment was full of luxury, such as the onsite chef who created top-quality meals at no cost and kept wines on tap.

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has been slicing off any fat with a slant and has caused a lot of grinding of teeth and tearing of clothes by Twitter employees. Recently, he started making employees pay for lunches, which has angered internet users. Musk stated in a follow-up tweet that the response was odd, considering that “almost no one came to the office” and these meals, in which only a handful of people actually indulged, cost more than $400 for a single lunch.

When a former employee attempted to accuse him of being a fraud, Musk brought forth the numbers to illustrate the amount of money being thrown away.

It's possible to think that this is something that's only a Twitter problem; however, it's not. The technology industry is filled with this kind of garbage. One YouTuber, “ItsaGundam,” made a video that focuses on the life of an employee of LinkedIn located in Chicago.

While not every business is going to face the financial problems Twitter has, many fall into the same type of culture that will, by itself, ultimately cost the company huge amounts of dollars. Then there are the unnecessary facilities and luxury items as well as the demands made by its culture-conscious employees, who insist that the company do things that are contrary to its best interests under the guise of “inclusivity,” “diversity,” or “advocacy.” Money is going to be thrown away in a jumbled mess and ruin the company.

In the end, someone will come along with a more responsible way of managing a business. They will cut the fat with no mercy and force employees into shape to complete their tasks efficiently. People who aren't essential to the company's success are likely to be dismissed, and those who don’t fall in line will also be shown the door.

The purpose of any company is to earn a profit so that it can sustain itself and grow. Musk is an executive with this goal in mind and is likely to go on to take Twitter further than it's ever gone before if he manages to climb over the initial bump.

The question is: How long can other companies wait until the same thing occurs to them? If we've learned anything, it's that websites aren't immune. Websites change continuously, and their weaknesses are revealed every single day.

All it takes is the will of one person to profit from an opportunity and get it in shape.

Let's hope that it continues to happen and that the world is rid of this woke culture little by little.

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