Important News on Vaccine-Related COVID Deaths Ignored by the White House

For a long time, COVID-19 vaccines were marketed as a magical elixir so effective and potent that they should be forced on the public by means of government mandates. Even after it was discovered that the vaccines couldn't stop the spread of the coronavirus, thereby removing their benefits for the entire population, the White House and some Democrat-led states continued to steadfastly push them forward, along with other absurd policies such as vaccine passports.

Unfortunately, the situation hasn't been getting better over the past few months. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, delivered his supposed last news conference this week, during which White House COVID Czar Ashish Jha began the proceedings by making this absurdly false claim: “We can prevent every COVID death in America” if everyone gets their updated booster.

It never ceases to be awe-inspiring how comfortable the health establishment (later echoed by political leaders) is with deceiving American citizens. The notion that all deaths from COVID-19 could be prevented if everyone had a “booster” is so devoid of scientific evidence that it could be a mockery. There's no evidence to support that assertion.

The wisdom of relying on natural immunity may have been worth debating during the COVID-19 virus's initial outbreak because it could pose risks, but now that nearly everyone has contracted the virus at one time or another because of Omicron, the situation is as it has always been with different viruses. Continuously promoting vaccines as a guaranteed single remedy is an absurd form of gaslighting. In the same press conference, Fauci made the rash assertion that if there are COVID-19 deaths during the winter ahead, the reason would be people who are not vaccinated.

What makes their assertions all the more disturbing, however, is that it is becoming known that more vaccinated patients have died from the coronavirus than those who have not been vaccinated over the last few months. For the first time in COVID’s history, the majority of Americans who died from the coronavirus were vaccinated. The majority of the deaths caused by the coronavirus in August were among people who had been vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at The Kaiser Family Foundation.

This is a continuation of a worrying trend that's been emerging during the last year. While the rate of vaccination has increased and new variants have emerged, the number of deaths among vaccinated people has steadily increased. As 2021 began, vaccinated people accounted for 23 percent of the deaths caused by the coronavirus. Between January and February of this year, the figure was closer to 42 percent, according to The Health 202’s Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cox told The Health 202.

Naturally, rather than admitting that they've strayed in the wrong direction, the White House's main plan to stop the growing number of people who are vaccinated from dying is to, you guessed it, encourage more boosters. If you simply get boosted often, according to them, then you'll be protected from the disease. For the record, those are Jha's opinions. Don't forget that the increase in the number of vaxxed people who have already passed away totally disproves Jha's claim that vaccines are the perfect solution to COVID-19-related deaths.

It would have been smarter to market the vaccines as a worthwhile preventative measure highly recommended for specific high-risk groups. That would have bolstered confidence in our institutions rather than causing trust to melt to the ground through false information intended to manipulate the public.

However, Fauci and his cohorts made the decision to inform the public that children needed vaccinations, even when the chance of them being at risk was so small. They dismissed natural immunity for months without even a shred of humility after they realized that they were incorrect. They've also continued to deny that pre-existing health conditions and age contribute to COVID-19 deaths, whether vaccinated or not, as a way to induce multiple shots in every arm, regardless of the risk factors.

Looking at the bigger picture, has anyone taken the time to wonder why those who received a booster are dying at higher rates than those who received only the original regimen? Is it all about the high-risk demographics having a greater desire to be boosted in the first place? It's likely that's the case. But it must be asked if these aforementioned boosting programs have actually reduced immunity over time. To investigate that, however, would violate the COVID-19 religious principles, which is why we aren’t allowed to go there.

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