To Make Their Black Friday Darker, Biden Issues Ominous Warning to Gun Owners

At Thanksgiving, we reflect on all the things for which to be grateful throughout our lives. If we're lucky, we have food to share with our loved ones, and we spend the day together. However, due to Joe Biden's high inflation, the Thanksgiving meal is more expensive, and some people cannot afford to even enjoy the meals to which they are accustomed.

There are issues to consider, not least the political concerns we are facing as a nation while Joe Biden is still in office. We should be grateful that Republicans currently hold the House, which could serve to thwart some of the president's worst plans.

Biden declared one of his more dangerous ambitions by demonstrating how keen he is to be a tyrant against the Constitution – and during Thanksgiving, of all times. Biden said, “The idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single solitary rationale.”

We continue to “allow” semiautomatic weapons to be bought because we have a Constitution that guarantees our fundamental rights. The government does not “allow” us to have these weapons, and the rights of citizens don't disappear because ignorant individuals such as Joe Biden want to play fascist. Biden believes that it's “sick” to adhere to the Constitution? What's “sick” is that he is always trying to use a tragedy as a reason to strip Americans of their constitutional rights. He doesn't talk about taking action against criminals or keeping those with criminal records who pose a threat locked up. What he talks about is removing the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Let's examine what he's discussing here. The term semiautomatic weapons, not assault weapons (whatever they are), applies to virtually all modern firearms. There's no reason to own a lot of guns. He wants to eliminate the majority of firearms. Given his lack of knowledge and his cognitive problems, does he know what a semiautomatic gun is? It's possible that he isn't aware of what he's talking about. He's proven time and time again that he is not knowledgeable about firearms. However, all we can take from his insane words is that his plan goes way beyond the leftist talk concerning AR-15s to include virtually all guns.

Here’s an idea for Joe. If he feels there's no “social redeeming value” in semiautomatics, he ought to advise his Secret Service agents who protect him to get rid of them. The agents believe that they have a certain value due to the fact that they protect the president; however, he doesn't think that we're entitled to at least a little bit of this same security.

The interesting aspect of his remarks is that the result is going to be the complete opposite of what he is trying to accomplish. He stated this right ahead of Black Friday, so he's likely to trigger a flurry of gun sales amongst those worried that he'll go after their guns again.

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