Joe Biden Clueless in Nantucket

Joe Biden has been on his 13th vacation in Nantucket since November 22.

Although he's often criticized billionaires for not paying  their “fair share”, he's staying in the residence of billionaire David Rubenstein. The Rubenstein family stayed there during Thanksgiving week, too.

He's not been doing very well in his interactions with the media since the time he's been there.

In his initial controversial vacation post, he stated the absence of justification to possess “semi-automatic guns” — in favor of banning any modern gun. The comment did not make the rounds.

Then he contradicted the statement of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre said about his involvement in railroad strikes. She said he had been “directly” involved in the talks, but he said that he was not.

The media was able to track him down while he was in the streets shopping. At one point, he was able to blow them off.

The reporter also inquired if he'd meet with the new Congressional leadership. He appeared to think it was an odd question, and dismissed the reporter too.

However, there was one incident which occurred on Friday night that was characteristically Biden. Biden was asked about the match between England and the U.S. in the World Cup. Keep in mind that he had a conversation with the team just a few days earlier on Monday, and told them that all of us are “rooting for you.” This means he ought to have known that there were games taking place. However, he didn't know what the reporters were asking him about, and he gave them this unfocused look. He was certainly not paying attention to the game, regardless of what he'd said.

Biden must be swiftly informed by an aide that the U.S. team tied with England. It was a good outcome for them considering England's power. Biden then attempted to explain the fact that “the game was over” like he was paying attention, and we did not just witness him being informed right in front of our eyes.

This is exactly what they're continually doing with his incompetence but it's not always as clear as it was in this instance.

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