Protests Throughout China Over Covid Policy

Protests have been sweeping throughout China against their zero-COVID policies, especially in the wake of a fatal fire in an apartment in Urumqi which resulted in the deaths of ten people. Many blame the administration's COVID policies for limiting the capacity to save those who died in the flames. The situation is so bad that officials from Urumqi have announced that they will start the process of removing COVID restrictions from certain regions.

The fury has reached every part of China, from large cities to remote regions such as Xinjiang and Tibet, and energized all sections of society, from students in the university as well as factory workers and even ordinary citizens.

As the anger increases, the protests over Covid measures are becoming more commonplace. However, the protests this weekend are not typical of the new normal, both in magnitude and in their direct criticism of the government as well as the president Xi Jinping. [….]

Some have also opted to fly the Chinese flag and perform the national anthem with the lyrics promoting revolutionary ideals, and encouraging the population to “rise up, rise up”. This is a gesture of patriotic love which could be interpreted as a direct gesture of solidarity with the fellow Chinese who are suffering under China's zero-covid policy. It's also an appeal to take action.

Thousands of people gathered in Shanghai and hundreds of protesters gathered in Beijing as well as Nanjing. In Shanghai, the protesters directly questioned Xi Jinping, calling on him as well as his CCP to “step down.”

A China reporter from a Dutch newspaper, Eva Rammeloo, noted that certain people were detained by police, and they took off several of the monuments in honor of the victims of the fire. However, Rameloo stated that she was just trying to “add how incredible this is” and said she'd never witnessed anything quite like the rage in the decade that she reported on China as the situation “seems too much to crack down on.”

This is how courage should be displayed.

It's a terribly foolish policy that the government should take a no COVID policy because it's not likely to happen. It's only going to make a group of people who are already under oppression more angry. However, the Chinese have persisted in this for the past three years. They appear to have been fed up. Is it enough to bring about change? The government may need to make changes in order to avoid having to confront this issue all over the world.

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