Kinzinger Defends Creepy Biden Photo

As we've reported, Joe Biden has been in Nantucket for Thanksgiving and, while out shopping with other family members, isn't doing very well with his media interactions. Biden caused a stir in the media, for instance, when Biden stated that he wanted the ban of all semi-automatic firearms that could include all guns of today.

However, during one of his outings in the town, this photograph was captured by the Nantucket Current that has been reporting on Biden's visit. The image received lots of responses, with a lot of people calling it “creepy.” It's already an internet meme.

One person compared it to Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” sort of feeling “Here's Joey!” Others pointed out that Joe likely wouldn't be able to engage in his apparently favorite habit of sniffing people since there was a gap.

There have been a number of disturbing and questionable images and statements of Joe Biden concerning women and girls over the past couple of years. Everything from his story regarding the hair that he has on his legs, to his comments comparing the little girl with an 18-year-old due to her legs crossed and barrettes on her head, to being thrown off his bike due to Biden being too determined to speak to a little girl.

The reason for the photo was that Biden was walking by his favorite Lemon Press Juice Shop, which is where he stopped to chat with the young girls who were looking at him and shouted out to him.

“There's Joe! Oh my God, hello!” one of the children can be heard yelling as the president slithers through Main Street sipping his drink with straw.

Biden is stopped dead in his tracks when he hears the children's exuberant cry and immediately walks towards the window, waving.

The other surprise was the fact it was Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) — the One Who is Soon to Go out in the Door — rushed to Biden's defense. 

It was like Kinzinger was auditioning for the CNN/MSNBC spot in the role of the new “conservative” voice, with his defense of Biden. The funny thing is that the video didn't alter the moment that Biden was talking to the kids, but it confirmed that the photo was real. However, Kinzinger was unaware that he was verifying the reality of the photo by sharing the video. For most, this video did not make it any less disturbing. However, Adam, there is something wrong with bathing your kids as they sniff them or even talking about them rubbing their hair on your legs.

Women have accused Biden that he touched them inappropriately during the campaign. There are numerous photos of Biden engaging with children of Congress members which have raised questions. All of it was conveniently ignored by the left, and by colleagues like Adam.

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