Mom Pays to Deprogram Daughter Brainwashed by Woke Women’s College

What's more costly than spending $60,000 annually to send your child off to an uninvolved college where they will be educated to hate the male body and America? You being forced to pay $300 every day to have her “deprogrammed” and brought back to the real world.

This is what happened to Melinda Rockwell who took her daughter, a pharmaceutical heiress, Annabella to a women's college at Mount Holyoke in rural Massachusetts, only to have her return totally “indoctrinated.” Melinda barely could recognize the child she raised, and told The New York Post:

“She wasn't the Annabella I'd known her all my life. The girl she was seemed to be the most bright breath of air for everybody. She brought a smile to the room. The light was taken from her at the time of that school. It was snuffed out. It was the same as the case if she had been removed by Moonies or the children of God.

Melinda was so frightened by the new direction her daughter was taking that she admitted to throwing a vase out of the window to express her anger. Annabella describes her “educational” experience:

“I graduated from school extremely anxious and nervous, as well as sad and depressed. I looked at all things through the lenses of oppression, the notion of victimhood and bias. I entered the school with the mindset of seeing all people equally. I left searching for any injustice I could and assumed that everyone, especially White males, were sexist. My thinking was no longer my own.”

Here's the sort of thing she was taught in school:

“After Annabella's graduation, Melinda decided to hire a $300-a-day deprogrammer as an effort to reverse the harm. Annabella started to doubt certain beliefs about the destructive patriarchy and the anti-male attitude she had encountered at her college. She also reflected on the society she was exposed to during her freshman year, in which she felt an emphasis on ignoring gender roles. One student tradition called for cutting off hair to create  “MoHo chop.” (Annabella refused to cut her hair in this way.)”

It wasn't until the Black Lives Matter riots, however, that she began to recognize that she'd been radicalized.

“My Twitter feed was an echo of what I'd been taught at Mt. Holyoke,” Rockwell said. “Everyone was in the black square. It was all about justice and no peace. But I began to think to myself, “Why do we have to destroy businesses for empowerment? What is the purpose of this for black people? It's just not logical. Then it began to click about how absurd it was.”

The mother also credited her “relentlessness” in helping her recognize that she'd been a part of an insanity-driven group of people. In a strange way, Annabella is now a fundraiser for PragerU. She doesn't wish to embarrass her former colleagues, but she does say:

“I don't want to discredit them. They were young and enlightened. It was unfair to everyone that there was no room for discussion. The school was constantly preaching about the diversity of its students. However, diversity of opinions was not allowed.”

The school is not shy in its political activism, as they say in their mission statement posted on its YouTube account:

“In Mount Holyoke, the first of the prestigious Seven Sisters colleges, social activism is a part of our DNA. That's to say, we've been devoted for a long time to social justice and access and the conviction that women with strength and conviction can create the creation of a better society for all.”

Many of you are probably asking what you would think if you read the mission statement, should you send your child to this school? Unfortunately, many major colleges have highly woke mission statements and unless you choose to send your children to Hillsdale or similar you'll be getting an adequate dose of the progressive mindset. Conservatives have lost their higher education to the savvy professors and administrators and must be ready to fight back.

These days, colleges and universities accept all students regardless of race, color and sexual orientation and even certain religions (as as long as they're not Christian); however, there is one thing they can't allow: conservative opinions.

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