Schiff Changes Course on Congressional Investigations

After several years of Democrat political partisans “investigating” Republicans for any sort of deceit, the Biden Administration and comrades in Congress will finally be under real pressure, though it will be only a small amount.

The reality of the situation resulted in a fascinating discussion on CNN early on Sunday. Rep. Adam Schiff, who has spent the entirety of his tenure talking on cable news, and promoting one fake “scandal” after another, was asked if he'd accept the Republican House subpoena. The answer was as outrageous as it was predictable.

It's enough to inspire you to and smash your head into the brick wall. Schiff has spent a long time making subpoenas look like religious rites which are indefinable and powerful. In the event that he might have to answer one, he's taken the decision that a verdict regarding what is the “validity” of the subpoena is required regardless of what that means.

Sure, Dana Bash, the CNN propagandist who interviewed him, gave no response, but why would she? It's exactly the same channel that saw anchors cry during the 2016 election when they learned that Donald Trump had won. You shouldn't be expecting one of their anchors to give an objective and balanced perspective.

What makes this more absurd is the fact Schiff was instrumental in bringing down Steve Bannon on “contempt of Congress” charges in the prior months. In reality, the California representative was so pumped about the whole thing that he published an online video exclaiming his role in the whole process. In the video, while talking to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (because who else? ) Schiff described Bannon's indictment as not heeding the House subpoena “powerful message.”

The respect for the rule of law has now gone, and we know the reason. It's because Schiff is a depraved hack who never had a chance of ever having a chance to be in the limelight. His fame has been sustained by the flimsy investigation of his political adversaries; however, when the shoe is on the other foot, Schiff is determined to make it appear they're not real.

This isn't the way it operates. It's not how this is going to work. House Republicans ought to see Schiff's defiance to the law as a threat. There are plenty of subpoenas to be issued by the end of January. Schiff ought to be among the first names to be on the list. He should be forced to follow the rules he enacted during the Trump time that he continued to implement through the beginning of Biden's presidency.

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