Taylor Lorenz Loves China’s Covid 19 Lockdowns

Social media activist Taylor Lorenz beclowned herself once again after she shared a tweet that supported China's dictatorial COVID-19 lockdown policy. However, given the Washington Post contributor's past behavior and stance, it shouldn't be an issue to see her defend this type of policy by the Chinese government.

On Saturday, the Washington Post tweeted an article on China's rising number of COVID-19-related cases. The writer noted that just a tiny percentage of Chinese citizens had been protected against the disease.

“A coronavirus outbreak on the verge of being China's biggest of the pandemic has exposed a critical flaw in Beijing's ‘zero Covid' strategy: a vast population without natural immunity,” the report said.

Lorenz retweeted the article in an attempt to counter the report. “There is no permanent, natural immunity to COVID. It is possible to contract COVID over and over due to the fact that there are constantly evolving strains and antibodies decrease. Additionally, deciding not to eliminate millions of vulnerable individuals (as is what the US does) isn't a “critical fault”,” she said in her article.

That's right, folks. Lorenz believes that China is locking people inside their home as part of the China Communist Party's “zero-COVID” approach, without vaccinations or other measures, is better than how America as well as other countries handled the problem. If she had her way, she would ensure that the U.S. would still be locked down and suffering from other brutal measures that are supposed to stop the spread of coronavirus. While other nations are learning how to accept the presence of this virus, she'd rather make us stay inside for the next couple of years.

Naturally, other Twitter users were critical of Lorenz's tweet, pointing out that she was spreading false information and promoting human rights violations.

The Daily Mail reported on “President Xi Jinping's signature zero-COVID policy”:

“China is facing a rise in the number of infections, which has led to closures and other restrictions in cities across the nation as Beijing remains a COVID-free policy, even as the rest of the world attempts to live with coronavirus.”

China is defending President Xi Jinping's signature zero COVID policy as life-saving and vital to avoid overwhelming the health system.

Officials have pledged to go on regardless of the increasing public opposition and the increasing burden on the world's 2nd-largest economy.

Lorenz's argument in favor of China's authoritarian system is logical, given her previous controversies. In the year 2022, she punished Chaya Raichik, the person who runs the Libs of TikTok Twitter account by doxing her, making her vulnerable to dangers and violence.

It was obvious that the reason to make her name known was due to the truth Libs of TikTok routinely brings to light, such as the efforts of progressives to sexualize children and propagate transgender beliefs within K-12 schools. The site also exposes the absurd nature of the far-left ideology in the public eye for all to observe.

The idea that a political activist could use threats of this kind against anyone who disagrees with her political views is oppressive to the base. It was not enough to get Lorenz and her associates to denounce Raichik's argument and stances; they wanted to discredit her.

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