Preachers Start Pastor Story Hour to Rebut Drag Queen Story Hour

Is Drag Queen Story Hour the only option for kids who are enthralled by stories? It's not anymore.

You've probably heard about the current trend of men dressing up as exaggerated representations of women and reading to children, books that often contain LGBT content. This has created quite a stir, however, the reactions of traditionalists have been largely negative. Two pastors are changing the narrative. In a tweet last week, Prescott, Arizona Pastor Dale Partridge explained:

“I was fed up with complaining about “the Drag Queen Story Hour movement” and decided to host a “Pastor Story Hour” at our…library.”

In fact, he did so at Cottonwood Public Library. According to The Washington Times, the director of Reformation Fellowship read a book that he wrote and published titled “Jesus and My Gender.”

He stated to the Times, “It's just a children's book that isn't speaking to transgender issue. It…essentially is a way to affirm girlhood and boyhood to children who are told that God created you to be this way. It's an awesome thing.”

Dale's not the only one involved in the venture. Rev. Michael Foster — of Batavia Ohio's East River Church — was of the opinion, as he put it in his own words, that the protests during Drag Queen Story Hour didn't “lead to much good effect.” So he conceived of a different approach.

“I thought to myself “We could just make our own and just go to the library and do a great job in telling good-wholesome Bible stories. ‘”

At the Clermont County Public Library, Michael read James Shrimpton's “The King and the Dragon.” The book tells the story of a Christian mythological tale of the knight who kills the dragon.

Public libraries naturally belong to the sphere of communal life. It is logical that they could host various ideological events, should they be hosting any ideological events in any way.

In contrast drag queens are more well-known than pastors:

“Southern Women's Shelter Presents ‘Purple Reign' Drag Show”

“Nancy Pelosi Gets Religious During the Star Performance on the Drag Show”

“Alabama Dog Shelter Drafts Drag Queen Teacher to Fundraise”

“New York Spent More Than $200,000 on Drag Queens at Public Schools”

“Nevada Air Force Base Hosts Drag Show”

“Christian Church will host Drag Show for Young People Ages 12-18”

However, the pastor’s book readings attracted an acceptable crowd. Michael says he had 35 children. The kids had fun.

“I read to them and made sure that everyone received a candy cane when I left. They really enjoyed the book. My wife mentioned that one of them said, “When will we be planning to hold the next session?' and that was a great encouragement to me.”

In the case of Dale, he asks a question:

“Why do you think drag queens, and members of the LGBT movement seem to be more focused on shaping the local community, their own congregation, then pastors? I believe Christians are adept at church activities. We have to improve at presenting culture.”

The absence of Christianity from the Story Hour realm has certainly been a bit baffling, especially given that it's based on the story of a book.

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