Woman Sues Because Macaroni Took Too Long to Cook

Have you ever been frightened by a tiny piece of food? A woman from Florida has, and she's not willing to simply be apathetic about it.

If you're truly American and a bit thin in the tooth, you've probably had the delicious taste that is Velveeta Shells & Cheese. It's a tasty treat, and the time to prepare it is minimal. But, microwaving maestro Amanda Ramirez recently discovered something concerning: the food she was serving according to the package's claims that it was able to be consumed in less than 180 seconds.

However, the cup boasted, “Ready in Three and a Half Minutes.”

Amanda demands answers that only cash can offer. However, she's keeping it professional by filing a class action lawsuit.

Source: News18 through MSN:

“Ramirez filed the suit in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida's Miami Division on November 18. In her suit, the defendant claimed that…the company…indulged in misleading advertising and spread false claims, such as that Mac and Cheese can be “ready in three and a half minutes.” The suit has highlighted the four steps that a consumer must follow in order to cook the meal, and emphasized that the microwaving process for three and three and a half minutes is just part of it.”

The lawsuit claims that consumers who look at the “Ready in Three and a Half Minutes” stamp on the packaging “will think it is the amount of time required to make this product …”

It's brave, but not as daring as suing, because it takes less time than it claims to take and would be an untruth.

No matter what the specifics there's a certain fact that whenever there's news related to food there's likely to be an intriguing story:

“Private Party Private Party Egyptian Woman is Arrested for cooking Crotchety Cupcakes”

“Just like Mama used to: McDonald's Unveils Its Spam and Oreo Burger”

“Lawsuit claims Panda Express Workers Were Pressured to strip down to their underwear in a ‘Cult-Like Ritual'”

“Late Night Hosts Vows Not to play a Food Game with Bull Penis Due to Racism”

“Not fast (Enough) food: Roadkill App Lets You Choose Your Dinner from the Blacktop Buffet”

“Cereal Killer? Feminine Hygiene Brand's “Period Crunch”invites you to eat a Uterus for breakfast”

Returning to baked bits made of cheese and deceit, Amanda's suit outlines the difficulties of making macaroni. The making process itself requires lifting the lid.

The information is courtesy of

“According to the lawsuit, the four steps…include the removal of the lid as well as the cheese sauce bag placing water in the line that fills the cup and stirring, then microwaving on high for 3 and a half minutes, without draining, then mixing the bag of cheese sauce. The complaint states that consumers…believe that the Mac and Cheese will be cooked and ready for enjoyment at that time, and not just one of the steps will be finished.”

MSN clearly explains Amanda is suffering from microwaver's regrets:

“She also states that she would never have bought the item knowing that the preparation time for the product was greater than 3.5 minutes. The Florida resident also stated that she could either not have bought the item for any reason or paid less if she knew the facts'. Ramirez believes she paid out more for the box of eight cups weighing 67 grams more than she could have spent had she known the exact time taken to cook the food was much longer than what was advertised.”

Amanda appears to be a real type of consumer. I hope that when she bought their Shells along with Cheese she didn't buy Minute Rice; it takes several minutes to open the package, too.

The plaintiff is seeking damages of $5,000,000.

In the event she does win, perhaps the winnings will grant her to have more time. If she's unable to pay for the time for macaroni that takes four minutes, she should ease her schedule.

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