Disney’s Strange World, Featuring Gay Teenage Romance, Is Set to Lose Millions

It appears that Disney has lost its capacity to attract people based on its name alone.

According to Bounding Into Comics, Disney is set to deliver another failure with Strange World, the tale of a man with a famous father who has to find his son. The film is filled with everything you would expect to be a hit by the standards of the social justice era. However, this movie features a very open gay teenage romance that is celebrated by the protagonist in an extremely extravagant manner.

According to Bounding, the film was a disaster over the Thanksgiving weekend, making just $18.6 million. This is an utter loss considering the money required to create it: “Not only did the film fail to meet original expectations, but it reportedly has a production budget between $135 million and $180 million. Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro reported, ‘Strange World cost $135M before P&A.’ Meanwhile, Variety’s Rebecca Rubin reported, ‘The $180 million-budgeted Strange World is poised to be another money loser for Disney.’ That means the film has to make between $335 million and $450 million to break even.”

Based on an account by Variety, the film was yet another attempt to normalize LGBT relationships between two teenagers. In the movie, the moment of contact is well received by both friends and the father, who is overly enthusiastic: “Walt Disney screened three sequences from Strange World. In the first, Ethan flirts with heartthrob Diazo while friends from school look on, teasing in a friendly and warm-hearted way. Much to Ethan’s chagrin, his dad Searcher soon joins in, embarrassing his son with an overeager show of acceptance.”

It is possible that the absence of any advertising for this film could be the reason why it fell apart. In fact, Disney seemed to put very little effort into making sure that the public knew that the film was available, and the majority weren’t aware that Disney was releasing a brand new movie.

But it's hard to tell whether many more would have gone to see it even if there had been a promotion for it. This certainly would have helped boost the number of people who saw it; however, it's unlikely it would have kept it from becoming the disaster it has. The question is: Was Disney aware that it would be a bomb before the film even hit the screen?

Certain clues suggest yes, as “OMB Reviews” observed that Disney appeared to sneak the film in without a fuss, LGBT promotion and all, even though noise was generated by all the other things surrounding it. “Even if that [gay son] wasn’t a part of the story, the fact is that this is a film that is featuring a brand new original, somewhat original story, coming out over Thanksgiving weekend up against the third weekend of Black Panther. It’s almost as if Disney wanted this film to do poorly.”

The next question is: Why did Disney make this film available in the first place if they knew that it would be a disaster? The company was once an innovator and a leader in quality. However, it's replacing those virtues with virtue signaling. That's what's believed to be on the cutting-edge of entertainment right now.

However, they deliberately let the film come out at a time when it could have generated the least amount of controversy. Do you think Disney had this in mind in order to avoid the possibility of another huge backlash from pushing an agenda on children? If yes, then this could have an interesting implication for Disney's future direction.

It is possible that we will never hear the answers from Disney on the motivation for this clearly calculated move, but whatever the reason, it doesn't look great for Disney. The film was not only an unpopular movie, but the company introduced another LGBT scene, which will only cause parents to be more averse. It's important to remember that placing the Disney brand on its film was not enough to convince people who'd heard about it to go see it.

Disney is sinking rapidly!

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