Elon Musk’s Huge Policy Change at Twitter Gives Hope for Authentic Free Speech on the Social Media Platform

Promises made; promises kept. Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, recently said that he'd release information regarding accounts that were banned in the past. He has already done this.

Next, Musk made public a document detailing that the reason why a lot of accounts were blocked was because of COVID-19 “misinformation.” He then made a huge policy change, making an official statement that Twitter will not ban users for having different opinions about the coronavirus.

The full report is available on Twitter.

This feels like a win that has been two years in the making. Many accounts on Twitter were barred during this period of time due to their attempts to defy the left-wing consensus regarding COVID-19. Such as the popular suggestion that the virus originated from the lab in Wuhan, China—a theory that has more evidence to support it than it does against it. A lot of people were banned because they questioned the need for measures such as vaccination mandates or passports. These were later found to be ineffective, with speculations about the effectiveness of the vaccines themselves becoming the third rail that no one was allowed to touch.

It's amazing to reflect on the number of opinions that were never allowed to be expressed but have since been proven to be plausible or even true. The news of yesterday's “misinformation” is today's fact, starting from the lab-leak theory to the discovery that masks and vaccines aren't enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This was always the biggest problem with the old regime’s Twitter policy. The partisan politics involved in trying to determine which information was true and what was not was a fool's game, too often relying on someone “fact-checking” an opinion about an issue that the jury was still out on.

Of course, it's impossible to disentangle politics from what occurred. Accounts belonging to conservatives were massively targeted, with more than 11,000 being blocked, while liberals’ accounts were permitted to disseminate all kinds of false information on a variety of topics without questions being raised. There were also more than 11 million “challenges” put on posts, which included a disclaimer that it was false because the “experts” said so, when that was not always the case.

The time for that is now over, however. Musk has officially announced the internal policy change to cease applying any “misinformation” regulations related to posts about COVID-19. It is certain that it will cause a lot of grumbling and teeth-gnashing from the ruling class. But absolutely, it's the proper choice to make.

Freedom of speech is essential, and a public that is open to debate is a healthy one. It's neither the responsibility of the media nor social media websites to determine what is or is not allowed to be discussed. That we've reached this place and then been redirected by a billionaire's determination is, at best, a bit disturbing. There's a problem in our country, the United States, which once celebrated freedom of expression across all platforms. A lot of people believe they are the best and smartest and are justified in squelching other people's rights to assert their own contradictory views.

This must stop now, and at least for the moment, Musk has given Americans the means to take on the issue within Twitter’s public square, which isn't discriminatory any more. It's not a guarantee that we've won, but it's an accomplishment that can help change the course of events.

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