Another Well-Known CNN Name Added to the Dustbin as CNN Chief Announces More Layoffs

CNN CEO Chris Licht recently stated that there will be more layoffs, which will likely affect hundreds of employees. This latest round of layoffs is targeted at contributors, Licht explained in a statement.

There's more information on who is being ejected, including one name that may be familiar: Chris Cillizza.

HLN, the cable network once called CNN Headline News, is host to an array of true-crime series, including enduring shows like Forensic Files and Morning Express with Robin Meade with a host who has been on the network since 2001. All of these shows are now being scrutinized. Additionally, a handful of well-known journalists and correspondents were dismissed from their positions at the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed outlet on Thursday.

CNN executives were to notify employees of staff cuts on Thursday morning, according to those in the know. CNN correspondents Alison Kosik, Martin Savidge, Alex Field, Mary Ann Fox, and Chris Cillizza are among the employees dismissed, according to two sources who are familiar with the situation. A CNN spokesperson would not comment.

Who could forget Cillizza's most famous quote? “Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don’t root for a side. Period.” 

And how about Cillizza criticizing former President Donald Trump for-calling the BLM riots “riots”? He claimed it was a sign of the president's “desperation.”

Of course, they are only two examples of his legacy of bad behavior.

According to him, he was earning an eight-figure salary for his bizarre style, which he called “journalism.”

One thing that unifies the nation is that we all agree that Cillizza deserves to be booted.

Cillizza's journalistic accomplishments include thinking out loud if an imaginary Marvel Comics city could become reality and also cheering a Trumpian “epic fast food photo.” Cillizza is the proverbial Woodward and Bernstein of the bad take, attracting criticism from all angles about how naive and bad his opinions are. The former tech site Mashable ran the numbers supporting Cillizza's ratios and found him to be ahead of even MSNBC commentator Joy Reid, former Bush official turned blogger David Frum, and The View‘s Ana Navarro (who also might be a candidate to leave CNN).

Wow, did you catch that intriguing teaser about Navarro?

Cillizza is the latest to be cut from the network, following the removal of Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, John Harwood, and former head Jeff Zucker. Don Lemon has also been shifted down to the early morning program. This is all part of Licht’s efforts to return the network to a more objective news-based approach.

So, get your popcorn ready, as there's more to follow.

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