Axios Journalist Aghast Over the “Republicanization of Elon Musk”

You guessed it was coming. After weeks of public turmoil about new CEO Elon Musk dominating Twitter—fueled by leftist “journalists” who had convinced themselves that they owned the Twitter space—now a reporter at Axios has spoken out and accused Musk of becoming the most unpopular thing there ever was: that is, a Republican. What's the reason? He—gasp!—believes in freedom of speech. It's ironic, isn't it? Journalists are the ones who are furious that free speech is allowed.

Zachary Basu of Axios wrote an article entitled “The Republicanization of Elon Musk,” in which he clutches his pearls and worries about the possibility that “Elon Musk's public musings” regarding freedom of expression “have cemented an unmistakable new reality: The world's richest man, and owner of the de facto public square, has become more and more Republican.” Oh no, not that!

Basu continues to bemoan Musk's “stunning political transformation” from voting in a manner Basu believes was acceptable. Musk had previously voted for Obama, Clinton, and Biden but is now declaring that he might vote for Ron DeSantis if he were to run for the presidency in 2024. To Basu, this seems like a blatant betrayal against the Left, who appear to think that everybody in Big Tech should march in lockstep in their efforts to block opinions they do not like and influence elections.

The most appealing aspect of Basu's editorial is that he, without intending to, goes on to explain exactly why Americans should, as Musk did, carefully review their political views: 

  • The billionaire insists he is “neither conventionally right nor left”—but he also says the threat to free speech allegedly posed by Democrats has triggered a “battle for the future of civilization” that trumps all other policy issues.
  • COVID restrictions, high taxes, and regulations in California also spurred an ideological shift right, and a physical move to Texas, now the home of Tesla’s headquarters.
  • Musk’s disillusionment with the Democratic Party has only accelerated—or at least, it has become more public—since his acquisition of Twitter.

Basu, as with most “journalists” these days, is adamant that being a Republican is a definite negative thing. When he scolds Elon Musk for the offense of daring to even express an opinion of a conservative nature, what Basu is really doing is confirming that conservatives are the only people worried about freedom of speech. Media outlets such as Axios are so worried that they will no longer be able to enjoy an exclusive position on social media that they're making what they consider to be the most damaging accusation: You are a Republican.

Basu concludes his piece with a rather humorous note, suggesting that Musk will surely be a target for Republicans due to his business relationships with China: “What we’re watching: One sleeping giant threatens the Musk-GOP symbiosis: The Tesla CEO has massive business interests in China, a regime viewed by Republicans as the No. 1 geopolitical threat facing the U.S.”

Now the left-wing media is worried about China? They've not been all that concerned about the uprisings that are taking place in China because it could draw people's attention to the fact that they support oppressive lockdowns and restrictions on freedom of speech. They support the evil actors and are trying their best to place Elon Musk in this category.

It's a terrible way to conduct journalism, but that's where we are today.

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