Biden’s Student Debt Order Suffers a Second Circuit Court Failure and May Head to the Supreme Court

President Joe Biden has suffered another massive defeat in his illegal plan to “forgive” student debt. Biden has been confronted with opposition from six Republican-led states after he signed the order before the 2022 elections.

In late October, the 8th Circuit put an administrative stay in place, which caused the Biden administration to pause accepting requests for debt relief. In the meantime, the 5th Circuit has delivered its own punch, refusing to lift the stay.

Two defeats are now in the appeals court system, leaving Biden with no other option but to throw a pass from the 50-yard mark, hoping someone else will bring the stay down. According to Fox News, the plan is to appeal to the Supreme Court to intervene.

Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) previously stated that it would ask the U.S. Supreme Court to step in if the 5th Circuit rejected the appeal.

The 5th Circuit Court case, filed by plaintiffs Myra Brown and Alexander Taylor, is among two rulings that have stopped the U.S. Department of Education from moving forward with its student loan program, which is estimated to run upwards of $400 billion.

Are you willing to bet on whether or not the Supreme Court will join Biden’s camp? There's a certain irony in the reality that Democrats spent the entire year claiming that the Supreme Court was illegitimate, and now they want it to rule in their favor over an obvious abuse of power. Because the conservative bloc is the one making the decisions, that's likely to never take place.

It shouldn't happen. The president of the United States does not have the authority to unilaterally announce an emergency and then cancel student loans on the backs of taxpayers. The HEROES Act being referenced by the current administration was intended to be applied to military personnel during national-security crises. Continuously calling COVID-19 an emergency of national significance at this point is laughable, and it's high time for Supreme Court justices to rein in the power of government officials to act in this manner. Biden himself has stated that the pandemic is finished, and he was correct in making that declaration.

The White House is running out of options. They've lost in the lower courts, and they will lose in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court isn't going to join the White House. That's why this is all political and why the president and his party will seek someone to blame. The whole thing will conclude with Biden making a rambling speech and calling the Supreme Court a blight on the democratic process. Record it when he does.

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