Martha MacCallum Shows John Kirby No Mercy About the Biden Administration’s Inconsistent Approach to Twitter Versus Apple

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum had a great segment with NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby in which she exposed the Biden team’s double standards in relation to Twitter (a platform they believe they no longer control) versus Apple (still liberal in its approach).

MacCallum pointed out that Apple used “restricted AirDrop,” assisting the Chinese government while also harming the efforts of people protesting against the government and their repressive COVID lockdowns. MacCallum inquired whether anyone from the Biden team had spoken to Apple regarding their support of the Chinese government. Kirby stated that they are always supportive of people being allowed to express themselves freely; however, Apple is a “private company.” Kirby claimed that you can see images of Chinese police regularly checking phones to find out what people are talking about and if they are involved in any protests.

MacCallum then inquired why the White House is taking an entirely different approach with Twitter, warning they'll be “keeping an eye on Elon Musk and Twitter” while not calling Apple out for aiding the Chinese government. Kirby laughably claimed that they've been “very consistent” in their approach after she pointed out how they have not been consistent. Kirby reiterated that they were not involved in giving private companies instructions on what to do, and MacCallum insisted that that was precisely what they were trying to accomplish with regard to Twitter. “Why is Twitter getting one treatment, and Apple getting another?” Kirby declared in response, “These are completely two different circumstances.”

Yes, they are. It's true that the White House is going after Twitter for attempting to grant freedom of speech; however, they're fine with Apple joining with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to oppress its own people. Absolutely different. The first is something we ought to cheer and praise, and the other is something we ought to speak out against—along with the CCP’s oppression of its own people. You are free to decide how you feel a private business should operate. What you shouldn't do is force companies to act in line with your political inclinations; that's what they're trying to do with Twitter.

Kirby attempted to claim that there were concerns about foreign investment in Twitter and that the two platforms were “apples and oranges.” There have been concerns about foreign investment in Twitter for many years, but they were not worried about it previously. Why are they concerned about this issue now? They're not even concerned about the relationship between Apple and China. They're not worried about TikTok's relationship with China. MacCallum also highlighted how Musk supported protesters via Starlink in Iran and Ukraine by defending their rights to express their opinions, but the Biden White House still targeted him.

MacCallum went on to talk about the real motivation: Musk would reveal Twitter's “free speech suppression” files. In addition, he has posted his thoughts on how Twitter previously interfered in elections. MacCallum also pointed out the discussion the government had with Facebook, which influenced the Hunter Biden story. Kirby said he was unaware of any conversations that the government has had with Twitter about suppressing information. MacCallum tossed Biden's “threat to democracy” propaganda back at Kirby and asked if there was any interference. Kirby continued to insist he knew nothing about it before reverting to the old standby of “Russia, Russia, Russia” attempted to interfere.

This is how journalism should be conducted: understanding the subject matter and pursuing the true answer rather than accepting anything you are offered as a nonsensical answer. Kirby was left in a confused mess without providing any real explanation to clarify the dual standards.

President Joe Biden himself stated that he felt that Musk’s purchase of Twitter was “worthy of being looked at” [translation: under investigation]. There's no reason to believe that it’s because of politics or all about control. Congratulations to MacCallum for bringing to light all the ways the Biden White House is wrong on this.

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