California Suggests Reparations for Every Slave Descendant

In a case of shocking pandering and soft racism so absurd that it's hard to believe it can be happening in California, it is reported that the Reparations Task Force authorized by Governor Gavin Newsom has recommended every black American that descends from slaves who are currently in California be paid $223,200 to compensate for what the group calls “housing discrimination.” From the Daily Mail:

“One of the main concerns for the California task team has been on ‘housing discrimination'. It's been estimated it will cost $569 billion to compensate 2.5 million Californians of color for the setbacks that occurred between 1933 and 1997, according to The New York Times.

This is higher than the state's $512.8 billion spending in 2021. This included funding for hospitals, schools, universities, highways, corrections, and police.

To say that the plan has no logic is the greatest understatement. While nobody can deny that racism in the past is one of the most horrible stenches in history, the idea that money earned from tax payers to be distributed among individuals who are not directly affected is fair compensation is an obvious virtue signal. It's a sign of man's arrogance when he believes in the ability to rewrite the past, imposing retroactive judgment on past violations using current standards. 

The committee also recommended, or at the very least suggested, other measures to compensate. The Daily Mail cites the California Attorney General's Office as the source.

  • Calculate the amount black companies have lost due to stolen or destroyed property as a result of “racial terror,” and return it to the black Californians
  • Introduce a mandatory curriculum for all teachers to undergo anti-bias education
  • Recruit black educators for K-12 schools
  • Give scholarships to high school seniors of color to help cover the cost of four years' undergraduate study at the school of your choice
  • Compensation for those who were forcefully taken away from homes because of state actions, like highway and park constructions
  • Find funding to invest in infrastructure for the environment
  • Make sure that everyone has equal access to national resources for neighborhoods of blacks
  • Families who are compensated for being prevented from receiving inheritances that they would have received had they been white
  • Redress those who were denied the right to earnings from artistic, creative athletics, intellectual – activities
  • The minimum wage should be increased in industries that are predominantly black, like food and agriculture.
  • Increase the minimum wage for workers with experience
  • Set up a fund to assist black-owned businesses and to eliminate licensing barriers that affect black workers
  • Provide compensation to those who's health has been permanently damaged due to discrimination against black health care
  • Introduce a policy that will close the gap in wealth between races in California
  • Develop a clear and precise program to assist African Americans obtain reparations
  • Create the Office of African Americans/Freedmen Affairs to document the eligibility criteria and avoid future damage

A final report of the committee to the California Legislature should be submitted in the month of June. The way Newsom manages the issue will be a factor in his desire to run for office. The fierce protest against reparations is not only in the black minority but also among non-blacks who have experienced more severe discrimination in California which was never a slave-state (Japanese internment camps in World War Two, anyone?) but have been able to be free and fully society participants, reaping the benefits of capitalism's (gasp!) benefits, won't be able to disappear simply because media simps would like for it to be that way. This issue is far from being resolved.

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