Documents From Twitter Expose Shocking Messages

Elon Musk's publication of Twitter's Hunter Biden files, dealing with the company's involvement with various entities to suppress the laptop scandal before the 2020 election, is the gift that keeps giving. There are so many emails to sort through and plenty to debate that it's difficult to figure out which direction to take.

In all, there are two key elements of this. Naturally, the role that Twitter played in the partisan mischief that occurred is crucial and shows the rot that is evident at other major social media firms. On the other hand is the role that officials from the government were able to play in potentially violating freedoms of Americans through proxy, which may put certain individuals in legal danger.

We learned on Friday that the FBI had weekly meetings with the social media industry to discuss which accounts and posts to shut down. With the publication of these documents by Twitter, we are finding out that Democrats in both the House and Senate were also launching a tirade from behind the scenes. To put it simply, the language used was a bit disturbing.

The Democrats were on the same page that social media must be more cautious because they are damaging democracy and making “truth” relative. When asked what the government could do about this, they demurred: “the First Amendment isn't absolute.”

It's not an unrevealed fact that the left has no respect for the Constitutional rights of citizens. But it's still astonishing to see this out in the public. There were Democrat Congress members and the Biden campaign rushing to Twitter to denounce the factual report as disinformation, insisting that it be removed from the public. The worst part is that Twitter did what they wanted.

That's a long way from those public declarations of anger and were shady enough. The federal government isn't legally allowed to work with private businesses and use them as a means to breach the rights of Americans. However, this is exactly what has occurred in this case. The possibility that it influenced an election for president only adds to the degree of mischief that occurred.

What this boils down to is a tiny group of elites in politics who believed they were morally able to effectively manipulate in the election of 2020. What is the story behind that famous TIME article that admitted to this just after the inauguration of Joe Biden? In this way, Musk's document dump doesn't tell us anything new in the sense that it's confirming the things we've always known.

Most troubling is the fact that there is no accountability. Nobody will have to pay a cost for this, and Democrats are likely to move on to the next shady or even illegal strategy to maintain power. However, there is immense importance to knowing what's true which is available. On this front, Musk has done the country a huge favor.

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