Co-Founder of Twitter Speaks Out Against Musk’s Transparency

Twitter founder Biz Stone has vocally criticized Elon Musk's behavior since Musk purchased the platform and was seen complaining on Friday in Matt Taibbi's “Twitter Files” thread by questioning why naming names was needed and why this “seems dangerous.” Saturday night saw a number of tweets from Stone which appear to admit that the website was involved in more than just the practice of censorship.

Stone's tweet was the first to complain about Musk:

“He's not a responsible person. He engages in activities for sport which have consequences on real persons. Twitter is an open and worldwide service. US politics isn't much of a part of Twitter. (K-pop may be more important.) Additionally, in other areas, lives are at the risk.”

Jason Goldman, who was part of the startup team at Twitter as the VP of Product prior to becoming a part of the Obama White House as its first Chief Digital Officer later weighed in with:

“This can be the most difficult part of my life and the reason I get a bit agitated. If the thing burned down in a fire, that is fine. Sites die. However, the man is acting with an inexplicably reckless and naive disregard for what the consequences are of his choices. Since he's never had to confront any.”

Hmm. It seems like Goldman might be a little bit jealous of Musk or knows something that the other people do not. However, his remarks are pretty much in line with the standard when it comes to tech bros discussing Musk in the present. What Stone has to say in the next paragraph is the most eye-opening.

Stone responded:

“It's heartbreaking. We've covered all the world events that were not made known to help protect courageous individuals. Also on the Trump poll, “The people have spoken!” What percentage of Russians did you let vote? It's global. We didn't make it for…Chief. Oy.”

The world's events that they did not make public to protect brave citizens? Although there is always the possibility that Stone is a troll, and his focus on the poll Musk carried out to decide whether or not he'd let Donald Trump back on the platform seems a bit strange in the context of Twitter Files, his comments could also be part of confessional. These comments raise a lot of questions. Venture capitalist David Sacks asked:

“All the world events you didn't make public” — what do you mean by that?

What else is he referring to by “That's not what we made it for”? It's a microblogging platform. Goldman's LinkedIn describes the site as follows:

“I began using Twitter in May 2006, during an excursion in Las Vegas with Evan Williams and despite the fact I was still working at Google, I was aware that it was my next project to tackle. On Twitter, I saw an even more pure version of the idea that intrigued me about Blogger. It was about making better human beings through getting people to share their views on the universe around them.”

Stone's says:

“Created and developed an online information system that is used by millions of people across the globe.”

It appears that the poll is precisely why the site was designed to serve, unless there's a greater story behind it.

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