FEC Commissioner Reveals Filing Denying Work With Democrats

A document provided by Twitter's legal team discredits the work of a partisan group, as revealed in the documents that were exposed.

As our brave firefighters from the media class work tirelessly to justify the inability to do their job in relation to Elon Musk's release of an internal document through Twitter and other sources, more information is being revealed about the seriousness of the activities involved by the previous management. Today, Bonchie made the link to the FBI and refuted the Hunter Biden laptop story. (This parallels Mark Zuckerberg making a similar announcement a few months ago.) Then comes a different aspect on the release of the document.

Sean Cooksey, the current director of the Federal Elections Commission, looked at some of the disclosed communications and found several items that are worth examining. Particularly, internal communications that revealed that the Biden campaign as well as DNC officials were in direct communications via Twitter and that decisions were being carried out via the platform at instructions of the Biden handlers has sparked the attention of Cooksey.

This clearly demonstrated a link with Twitter and the Democrats. It was a connection which was not just noticed by a variety of media outlets, but also had been reported up to FEC as an issue that should be dealt with. The company responded that it was not aware that this was indeed the case.

The reason for this was due to the fact that The Tea Party Patriots filed an FEC complaint regarding Twitter's actions in suppressing reports of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the removal from accounts associated with the New York Post account. The complaint alleged that this was an in-kind contribution towards Biden's Campaign. In defense, Twitter's lawyers wrote to Jeff Jordan, in the Office of Complaints Examination office concerning the allegations.

The complaint alleges that Twitter provided an illegal, corporate in-kind donation towards Biden as President. This is the main campaign committee of the president-elect Joe Biden, when Twitter took down two pieces that were published by The New York Post that violated Twitter's prior, politically neutral, rules and policies.

In presenting a variety of defenses, one of the most direct allegations presented by the legal team was the lack of any coordination in the campaign.

The content moderation policy of Twitter was not in coordination with the Biden campaign, according to the Tea Party Patriots Foundation, and does not claim any form of coordination in the complaint and no coordination took place.

In the 30 page response, they reiterated their denials and went on to state specifically that the people working in the moderation department of Twitter did not work with the Biden individuals or the Democratic Party:

“There was no one on Twitter, including the staff, who was responsible for implementing and enforcing the policy on content moderation, was in contact with the Biden campaign for president as well as The Democratic National Committee, or their representatives regarding any of the N.Y. Post articles before making the decision that the content violated Twitter Rules and policies.”

It has been contrary to the revelations Elon Musk has revealed. The Twitter moderation team was seen receiving directives from Biden's camp about the items that needed to be spiked, and taking action on behalf of the Biden camp. In this case, Cooksey replied to the message from Biden's team in just the afternoon, and was reported to have been dealt with within the space of a few hours.

In reviewing the documents, the Commissioner decided to clarify that, even at the time, he was reluctant to endorse the conclusion that the agency arrived at regarding the decision of Twitter acting solely for commercial interests. He agreed with the agency's decision not to act as he sees Twitter to be acting within the spirit of media, based on the broadest of definitions, and journalists are generally free of any consideration for the violations.

What's different is that instead of taking a position of editorial support, Twitter was silencing the expression of its users. If this was indeed an innocent decision by management of moderation, why would there be any need for the legal defense that they had colluded with the Biden campaign teams? These are facts that must be investigated by a journalist, but, as we've been witnessing these last few days, our media has been demonstrating a strong resistance toward investigating.

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