Former VP Pence Says Trump Was Saddened by Jan 6 Events

Former vice-president and possible 2024 GOP presidential candidate Mike Pence appeared with Fox News' Shannon Bream in an exclusive interview on “Fox News Sunday” this week. One topic Pence mentioned is the potential of having been approached by the Department of Justice calling on him to testify in the case of the date of January 6, 2021.

Bonchie stated in his November post that it's not an issue the former VP will likely give up-and this is a decision that has recently has made him a foe (again) with the left-wing press “And just like that, Mike Pence is bad again,” Bonchie wrote on his post regarding the 6th of January Committee witchhunt's attacks against his persona.

On Sunday, there was no change in Pence's position regarding the issue, and he said that he's still in consultation with his legal counsel regarding any decision. Pence explained his reasons to deny testifying when Bream asked him if the DOJ had approached him informally to discuss the matter:

“We've not reached a consensus regarding this and I'll talk to my counselor about it.”

“There was some contact, however we will take this decision based on my unique responsibility I hold in the Constitution of the United States, as a former vice president.”

He said he wouldn't address the congressional committee because this “would set a terrible precedent.”

Pence was also confronted about the GOP's red non-wave that was seen during the midterm elections. The former Indiana governor was adamant about the campaign for Georgia Republican Governor. Brian Kemp, who won his reelection easily and he responded:

“The candidates who were focused on solutions and focused on the future actually did extremely well.”

“However, candidates who were focussed on the past-especially those who were focused on reviving the last election, did not fare so well. It also is what convinces me…as I stated while campaigning on behalf of the governorship of Brian Kemp, which in several ways was divided along these lines, I stated that the Republican Party must be the party of the future.”

“If we are focused on the future, then we'll do very well. We won't just win elections, we'll create an endless possibility for the American people.”

However, the majority of his remarks were focused on his new publication, “So Help Me God,” as well as the personal reminiscences that he shared, as well as on “the days leading up to January 6” and in the days following, regarding how it related to Donald Trump:

“The president and I had a tussle in the days prior to the 6th of January. I'll always be convinced that I acted in accordance with my responsibilities to do that day, through God's grace under the Constitution and defended the transfer of power in a peaceful manner. However, I was also angered. I was furious about the differences we had that day, and I was also angry over what I saw.” Pence told host Shannon Bream.

On Trump's and a few conservatives' assertion on the possibility that Pence could have declared Trump as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Pence said “There's probably no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose who the winner of a presidential election is.”

The Hill:

Pence stated on “Fox News Sunday” host Shannon Bream that he had an exchange about the issue with Trump five days following the date of Jan. 6 in which the then-president “lamented what had happened.”

In private conversations days following that day's Jan. 6 violence, Pence said Trump appeared to regret the way the incidents unfolded.

“He said, ‘What if we hadn't had the rallies that are so terrible, end like this?'” Pence remembered. “I said to him to pray for him. The first time we met, he didn't say anything.”

“But when we were together a few days later … I reminded him again that I was praying for him,” he explained, claiming they had come to an agreement at that point.

A brief – but perhaps surprising – glimpse into the thoughts of the former vice president concerning the thoughts of his “former boss” came when Bream asked him if it might become “Pence/Trump” in the 2024 general election. In response to Bream's assertion that “anything can happen” in elections, Pence just shook his head and smiled with a gentle laugh.

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