Farah Griffin Hammers Ana Navarro for Toxic Femininity

In an uncommon time of clarity, “The View,” token conservative host Alyssa Farah Griffin was scolding the crew in a segment about “toxic femininity.” While she was discussing the issue in an attempt to demonstrate the point made, Ana Navarro interrupted with an attack on Farah Griffin over her work on behalf of Kellyanne Conway.

The audience of the far left loved it; however, it was surprising to learn that Farah Griffin actually stood her ground and rebuked Navarro to discuss the hostile work environment of the show.

Newsbusters has kindly recorded the intense exchange.

Farah Griffin quickly came out to say that women can actually be toxic. “We've made a lot of progress in criticizing certain male behaviors that aren't beneficial and should be exposed. In my opinion, women have made tons of progress, however we are also our own worst enemies,” she said.

The former Capitol Hill and White House official said that “some of the worst bosses I've had had been women, and sometimes colleagues in the workplace who were women.”

The conversation was interrupted immediately by Navarro who took a sly swipe at her former employer and herself. “That's what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway,” Navarro said.

In defense, Farah Griffin called out Navarro and the show in general for being a hostile space for her:

NAVARRO: This is what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway.

FARAH GRIFFIN: It's a bit difficult to say a word without you slamming me, and I'm not saying that this is entirely different — it's not an entirely different kind of environment of women who support each other.

Farah Griffin is evidently right in her assessment about the current situation. Navarro is an extremely vile person who constantly slams others (ironically as well as because of their appearance) and never bothers to glance at herself. What exactly she's done which has earned her this moral authority isn't clear.

It's true that she didn't do well when she was a GOP strategist, but as a political analyst she's as insightful as Joe Biden on foreign policy. Of course, being an ex- “Republican” who fluffs Democrats gets a moment of “credibility” in media circles nowadays. This is how Nicole Wallace got her job as well. Navarro will be more than content to fulfill her role and even cash her checks.

However, as enjoyable as it could be to witness some tension and a little drama, it was also assumed that Farah Griffin would resign. She did, at least in part during the program when she praised Whoopi Goldberg and claimed that women are supportive of each other more than they fight one another.

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