Harmeet Dhillon Running for RNC Chair

As reported on Sunday evening, RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon is in fact running for the position of chair of the RNC and challenge the incumbent Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel's run for reelection.

Dhillon, the lawyer from San Francisco who also established the Center for American Liberty, made it official during Tucker Carlson Tonight.

When she made her announcement, Dhillon provided the broad outline of what she intends to change if she is chosen.

“Okay, Tucker, I'm going to announce tonight that I'm running for RNC Chair. The reason for this is because, as you are aware of a well-known catchy phrase, Republicans are tired of losing.”

“I believe we must radically change the way we shape our leadership to be successful. And we shouldn't be running elections as we did in the 1990s and 2000s. And we need to be modernized to compete with Democrats dollar-for-dollar in how they raise money, and the manner in which they hand out their ballots at the ballot boxes. The message we send out must be positive and fresh, and not merely a reaction to current events and what Democrats are doing.”

“The party must recognize that the party is now one of the populist parties. The core of the party requires messages that appeal to them, and are not Chamber of Commerce messages, not Neocon messages, not even warmonger messages. I'm worried that the core of our party isn't getting the message it wants from our leaders. So, after three consecutive cycles of dismal results, the time has finally come to the rescue. I'm an RNC member and no other RNC member is stepping to challenge leadership. And the current leadership has not been asked to compete for the chair position. I believe that challenges and competition are positive.”

“In this way, I'm hoping to win the trust of the grassroots Americans who don't like the direction taken by the party or its leaders. It is their responsibility to reach out to those 168 representatives of the RNC in their states and territories to let them know that they too, are seeking change.”

“I believe that the idea of change is very popular with the base. I receive messages from many thousands of Americans on a regular basis about this. They are eager to see us fighting. Tucker knows like everyone else that I'm an athlete. I fight at all hours during the week. That's exactly what we are in need of at this moment. That's why I am. I'm offering to take one huge step away from my law practice and my non-profit to accomplish this. It's a huge sacrifice. However, I believe it's necessary for the country I am so passionate about as an immigrant of the first generation.”

“The fight for the grassroots and fighting for conservative values and removing all the Neocon as well as Chamber of Commerce messaging, and bringing a fresh perspective on how the RNC is run” — her words ought to be an inspiration to listeners of Republicans who, she claims, are sick of losing. On Laura Ingraham's show she also argued for the decentralization of the RNC. She also tweeted that the need for consultants as well as consultancy companies that aren't delivering need to be kicked off the beaten path and has triggered some confusion within the headquarters of the Republican National Committee located in Washington, DC, according to those who are frequent visitors to the facility.

New York Rep. Lee Zeldin stated on Sunday that he would make an announcement on whether he'll throw his hat into the contest on Wednesday. If other members will challenge the current leadership is yet to be determined.

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