WHO Renames Monkeypox

Monkeypox can be a serious issue and, if it gets too bad, you could suffer from an illness with the name of a snooty. For the ill effects of a moniker that is threatening,we're all fortunate and lastly assured of being free from infection.

On Tuesday, The World Health Organization made an important announcement: They have officially renamed the virus which has affected over 1,600 people across the globe. With the new alphabet, Earth will be purged of the racial virus.

More than 30 scientists from around the world have joined forces and came up with a solution to what we suffer from. In the report “Urgent Need for a Non-Discriminatory and Non-Stigmatizing Nomenclature for Monkeypox Virus”:

“The prevalent perception in international media and scientific research is that MPXV is common among people living in some African countries. But it's well known that most MPXV cases within Africa before the outbreak in 2022 are due to spillovers from animals to humans, and rarely have there been reports of prolonged human-to-human transmissions. Given the global epidemic repeated references to and nomenclature of the virus as African is not just inaccurate but also stigmatizing and discriminatory.”

The most obvious significance for this would be the usage of images taken of African patients to portray the symptoms of the pox in the mainstream media of the north of the world. Recently, the Foreign Press Association of Africa issued a statement, urging world media to cease using images of African people to draw attention to the spread of the disease in Europe.

Time to fix fake news:

“There is a growing story in the media and among scientists who are trying to link the current world-wide outbreak in Africa as well as West Africa, or Nigeria. … The use of geographical names for strains of MPXV specifically, the references to 2022's outbreak as belonging to “Western African” strain, clade or genotype. … We consider that a nomenclature which is non-discriminatory, non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing is better suited to the world health community.”

What's in a name? In the age of modernity it's all that matters:

“The University renames its Women's Clinic, claiming that “Women” Was Not Medically Accurate”

“Revolution: To End the Race Injustice, The US Army Will Rename Nine historic bases”

“ACLU demands Uber Eats to Stop ‘Deadnaming' as well as Misgendering its drivers”

“Nature Journal Rips America's National Park Names that Honor White Supremacy'”

“American journalism's writing guide: Contact a Transgender woman simply ‘a Woman'”

“A furious outrage erupted at Google Following the incident where a transgender employee is forced to wear the badge Sporting Their ‘Dead Name'”

“Just in time to celebrate Mother's Day: The World’s first nonbinary-named Insect”

The World Health Organization is keeping up with the changing times. Therefore, as per CNN the world is a new place. .

The World Health Organization announced on the following day the fact that “mpox” is now the preferred mongoose name.

“Both names will be used simultaneously for one year while ‘monkeypox' is phased out,” the group said.

The Biden administration has said that it “welcomes the change” and the US will adopt the name “mpox “from this point forward.”

Certain people will definitely be applauding the decision. Others might suggest that it's absurd at best, or insulting at worst, and a pity that we aren't sure what the “M” stands for.

Whatever, as far as wokeness is concerned, America can't be monkeying around. Therefore, out with monkeypox and in with the mpox.

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