Biden’s Chip Failed During Visit to Semiconductor Plant in Arizona

President Joe Biden traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday. Did he finally make that long-planned first trip across the border? Keep dreaming.

Shortly before his departure, he was asked why he wouldn't be crossing the border. His answer? He said that there were “more important things going on.”

That's it, right there. He doesn't care about the invasion of our border, the welfare of our border towns, the resources being overwhelmed, the influx of illegal immigrants, or the crime and drugs imported by cartels that are killing and harming Americans. It doesn't matter to the man. The president isn't even making a show of caring since we're past the midterm elections. That's in addition to his constantly taking vacations, even when he should be confronting pressing issues, such as inflation or border-crossers.

What are the “more important things” than performing what should be his first priority – namely, the defense of the United States? One of those “things” was a visit to a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) facility, which Biden claims is “investing billions of dollars in a new enterprise.”

The issue was so “important” that when he was discussing it, he was completely unaware of what he was talking about. When Biden made his remarks on chips, his own “chip” went awry. Biden was trying to make a statement about the dimensions of microchips but was unable to get the message straight.

“TSMC has announced a second major investment,” Biden said. “They will construct a second fab here in Phoenix to build chips – three nano chips – three nano chip – chips that are three nano – any – you know what I’m saying,” Biden said before giving up on finishing the line correctly, prompting laughter from his audience. “Nano, nono, I don’t know,” the president concluded.

What exactly is a “fab”? Is he referring to the plant or the lab? In the current situation with Biden, there is no limit to what is possible. Then there was his eye, which appeared to be closing. If this was another battle between the teleprompter and the human computer, the teleprompter prevailed.

The final part of his statement is the issue. He doesn't even know. He says whatever his puppet masters push toward him. It's all the same for Joe Biden, “nano or nono.” Joe Biden is at Mork's level at the moment; however, this is no joke.

It's also important to note that Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, was at the same event, and Biden acknowledged the CEO. Even though Cook has been criticized for limiting AirDrop and assisting the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in suppressing protesters in China, the Biden team not only refused to criticize him but also invited him to speak at an official Biden event. This was followed by his invitation to a state dinner hosted by Biden and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, with Cook having the privilege of sitting at the head table with Biden.

According to some, designing and engineering in the U.S. doesn't necessarily translate into producing in the U.S. A majority of Apple's production is located in China. Is it a surprise that Biden has a strong affinity with Cook and Apple?

The Biden team is looking to slam Elon Musk for his support of free speech. It’s not only Biden's chip that has gone off the rails; it's also the semblance of protecting free speech in the United States.

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