Santa’s Sleigh Loaded with Pink Slips Is a Christmas Warning to the Woke Media, But Will They Heed It?

The situation is getting worse for liberal media organizations. There have been a number of prominent sackings lately, including Brian Stelter and Chris Cillizza being dismissed from CNN in hilarious moments of schadenfreude, and a new round of cuts hitting the woke media as the holiday season gets going. 

From CNBC: “Buzzfeed on Tuesday announced plans to cut its workforce by nearly 12%, or around 180 staffers. The digital media company said the decision to lay off staff comes in response to challenging economic conditions, its acquisition of Complex Networks, and an ongoing audience shift to short-form, vertical video.” 

Buzzfeed was once the most popular site to go to to take quizzes to identify which apostle you were or which color to wear for that perfect New Year's Eve celebration. They also dabbled in news, naturally, and made Ben Smith editor-in-chief. Yes, that's the Ben Smith who recklessly released the Steele dossier in 2016 and unleashed one of the largest media-driven misinformation and interference campaigns of recent times. Smith later admitted that he felt “proud” of doing it. (Smith has recently launched his own news website, Semafor, which has accepted dirty money from crypto fraud and Democrat mega-donor Sam Bankman-Fried.)

Does it come as a surprise that trust in established media is declining? Trust is plummeting, and layoffs are increasing. RedState’s journalist “streiff” recently wrote: “In an environment where legacy media is collapsing—in the past week, CNN has started a massive round of layoffs, NPR is responding to a $20 million shortage in corporate grift with a hiring freeze, the Washington Post has folded its magazine and is contemplating widespread layoffs, and the New York Times newsroom will go out on strike on December 8, and we all know how well a strike works when you’re overpaid and have a skill set that can be replaced by sending a van to the Texas-Mexico border—this would be a wake-up call.”

But, wait, there's more. The Recount, another liberal media start-up, is closing down completely, according to Axios. “The company, which raised over $34 million since 2020, struggled to find a profitable business model. Like most media companies, its prospects grew worse amid the economic downturn.”

This is a huge amount of money to have blown through in just two years.

The common theme of the plethora of layoffs and closings is “economic downturn.” Yes, Joe Biden's economic woes certainly don't make making money simple any more. However, do these woke media outlets ever consider that perhaps they're producing subpar products? Are there any reflections, any consideration of where they could have gone wrong in their editorials? Are they even paying attention to their tendency to constantly promote the most offensive of their journalists (paging Joy Reid), individuals who speak insanity and vitriol every time they open their mouths?

Perhaps these new news companies are trying to fill in an area already taken by NBC, the Washington Post, NPR (National Public Radio), the New York Times, and others? Why would anyone need new, independent liberal outlets when we've already seen the mainstream media pitching for Democrats and extremist, leftist causes? It's certainly a bit irritating for those on the left to observe the independent media of conservatives growing, even when they don't have access to pools of money from which they themselves profit.

It's not a popular thing to celebrate people who lose their jobs, particularly at this time of year, but the Great Media Reckoning may just be here. They’ve lost Twitter. There are strikes coming. Layoffs are aplenty. Their hivemind-based mentality is a bit off. Are they going to take this moment to reflect on what they've done wrong? Doubtful. They'll continue shilling and failing.

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