The Secret Twitter-CDC “Misinformation” Portal Disclosed by AFL Should Pique Interest, Including Elon Musk’s

There have been a number of hugely explosive Twitter news stories lately. The latest was on Tuesday, with the announcement of the dismissal of James A. Baker, a former Department of Justice official and general counsel of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), who was at the center of each step of the Russiagate investigation and the Steele dossier. Based on reporter Matt Taibbi’s account, it was discovered that Baker had been perusing the “Twitter files” prior to their being made available to Taibbi.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk described it as a “possible role in the suppression of information.” This raises numerous questions about what might have “disappeared” before Taibbi (or Musk) viewed them. However, it could be a red flag for Twitter’s new owner as he focuses on matters that could be detrimental to the powers that be.

Then there's another story, but this one comes not directly from Musk or Taibbi but rather from members of America First Legal (AFL). They claim they have evidence of instances of collusion between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and social media companies in order to control “misinformation” in the public space. This includes the “Partner Support Portal”—which Twitter launched for government employees and other “stakeholders”—to flag certain posts on Twitter for removal as “misinformation.”

On its thread, America First Legal shared a good portion of the 600 documents they are holding as collusion evidence. Some of the highlights include creating a portal between Twitter and a CDC official. The purpose was to remove anything that challenged their messaging on COVID-19 and vaccines.

Setting up a “portal” for the specific purpose of flagging accounts appears to shout First Amendment concerns to all those people on the left who were clamoring about the lack of proof of involvement by the Biden administration or government. It appears that is what has been happening:

“Documents obtained by AFL show Twitter enrolling one government employee, through their personal Twitter account, into this Portal. We know from other publicly related documents that Facebook has copied this approach for election-related censorship.

“This production also reveals that the U.S. government was actively working to ‘socially inoculate’—or brainwash—the public against anything that threatened its narrative. It did so by using aligned Big Tech corporations to monitor and manipulate users for the purposes of censoring unapproved information and pushing government propaganda. For example, Facebook sent written materials to the CDC in which it bragged about censoring more than sixteen million ‘pieces of content’ containing opinions or information the U.S. government wanted suppressed.

“Finally, the documents reveal the CDC was ‘collaborating with UNICEF, WHO and IFCN member[s] and leading civil society organization Mafindo’ to mitigate ‘disinformation.’ Mafindo is a Facebook third-party fact-checking partner based in Indonesia that is funded by Google.”

It appears that Elon will be looking further into all of this.

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