Loudoun County, VA, School Superintendent Shown the Door After Damning Grand Jury Report Regarding Sexually Abusive Student

Loudoun County, Virginia, is the epicenter of the parent-led revolution that has been sweeping across the nation over the last two years, with leftist school boards finally being held accountable for their radical agendas. Loudoun County's superintendent of public schools, Scott Ziegler, took things to the next level by placing students in physical danger, allowing a sexual predator to continue to be enrolled in the school system despite numerous warnings that the student could be violent. The male student then went on to attack two girls on school property, a crime hidden from Loudoun County parents.

A brutal grand jury report on these attacks—and Ziegler's willful incompetence—was released this week. RedState‘s Bonchie provided information about the scandal: “As RedState reported back in 2021, the school board there covered up the rape of two women there by a boy who dressed and used the girls’ restroom. Astonishingly, the liberal prosecutor in the area actually went after the father of one of the rape victims for attempting to speak out about the ordeal at a school board meeting. Prior to that, he was beaten and arrested by the local police. In the end, the boy who committed the two rapes was found guilty and received a slap on the wrist.”

Because of his part in allowing two students to be sexually assaulted while at school and for keeping parents ignorant of the incident, Scott Ziegler has finally been fired by the board that oversees the local school system. The grand jury concluded the following: “The district was looking out for its own interests instead of the best interests of its students and that the school system ‘failed at every juncture.'”

Here's a quick chronology of the factors that led to Ziegler's dismissal:

May 28, 2021: A male sexual predator wearing a skirt goes into the girls' bathroom and sexually assaults a female student at the high school.

May 28, 2021: Ziegler informs the Loudoun County school board of the attack.

June 20, 2021: During a school board meeting, Ziegler and school board members claim that no sexual assaults had ever occurred in school. In this session, Ziegler tells the parents present that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist” and “we don't have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

The father of the first assault victim is detained during the meeting after he demands answers. The father is being investigated by Buta Biberaj, the George Soros-backed Commonwealth’s attorney.

August 2021: A male sexual predator, currently being investigated by authorities of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and wearing an ankle monitor, is permitted to attend a different county high school.

September 2021: A male sexual predator, currently at a new school, drags a female student into an empty classroom and sexually assaults her.

While all of the above was happening, Scott Ziegler and the school board were repeatedly involved in cover-ups, concealing the facts from parents, and not ensuring the safety of the students in their schools. Obfuscation and political agendas were prioritized over the security of the students. The grand jury discovered a “stunning lack of openness, transparency and accountability, both to the public and to the special grand jury” on the parts of Ziegler and the school board when handling the assaults.

The firing of Scott Ziegler is a good start in making the right changes within Loudoun County. The decision should have been made within a matter of hours after he admitted to lying about the assaults. Any school board member who was present at the June 2021 meeting should be shown the way out. There should be no charges against the father of the first victim, whose only crime was seeking answers to what happened to his daughter while under the care of school administrators.

One thing is for certain: The parents have the winning hand. Accountability is happening. It's not the right time to back down.

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