Senator Chuck Schumer Basks in Georgia Senate Win While Spreading More Falsehoods

Unfortunately, Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) was declared the winner of the run-off election held in Georgia on Tuesday.

This is bad on several levels. The first is that it gives the Senate Democrats the control over the committees that they couldn't have had in a tied Senate. However, it also gives them more opportunities to pack the federal courts with judges who are also activists. One of the only factors saving America today is the fact that the Supreme Court hasn't been completely subsumed. But court packing by Democrats is likely to create activist judges across the system for years to come.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took a victory lap to celebrate Warnock's victory and boasted about placing “women” and “people of color” on the benches. He didn't boast about putting in the best and most qualified people for the task, though.

He then went on to create doubt about the close outcome, asserting the election was a victim of voter “suppression.” Where was the proof? He talked about having to wait in the pouring rain. Seriously? Did the evil Republicans also make it rain? This is the lowest they've fallen to date.

To them, it's acceptable to call elections into question and then claim that there's been interference, since they've got the magic “D” after their names. They can make all kinds of ridiculous claims, such as this: If you're a Republican, you aren't permitted to ask questions about the validity of an election result, even if you have legitimate concerns about Democrats and social media conspiring to shut down stories to influence the outcome. The Republicans did nothing to hinder the voters’ ability to vote. In fact, it was smoother than ever before. It's shocking how people like Schumer are able to lie. If Herschel Walker had been declared the winner, we can be certain that we wouldn't have heard the final word. If suppression was involved, then how did they win? If they're claiming suppression, is there reason to question their victory?

It was shameful to hear them spread lies regarding Georgia's election law. Those lies hurt the citizens of Georgia in the process, denying them the All-Star Game and all the money that would have gone with it. They weren't entitled to any prizes. They conflated their desire to rule over the people of Georgia with falsehoods. They don't care about telling lies to their base to give them a boost. Since they've not been punished for their lies by voters and continue to lie, they keep on.

What are the facts? There was a record-high turnout without any issues for voters.

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