Liberals’ Attempts to Discount the Relevance of the “Twitter Files” Prompt a Stinging Rebuke from Musk: “Stop Gaslighting Me!”

The responses of Democrats and liberal media following the publication of the “Twitter Files” have been either to try to ignore them or attempt to portray them as outdated and irrelevant news. However, you can tell how they're failing based on how they protest. In fact, they're protesting too much.

Yes, Democrats, it's a major issue that Twitter censored its users and shadowbanned conservatives. The government and the Biden campaign had a hand in it, and pro-Biden tweets were given special treatment, while tweets by former President Donald Trump had engagement reined in.

The data revealed that high-level Twitter staffers, including head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth, were frequently in talks directly with “federal enforcement and intelligence agencies about moderation of election-related content” and “that Roth not only met weekly with the FBI and DHS, but with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).”

Journalist Matt Taibbi stated that Roth and Twitter Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust Vijaya Gadde “were a high-speed Supreme Court of moderation, issuing content rulings on the fly, often in minutes and based on guesses, gut calls, even Google searches, even in cases involving the President.” Twitter staffers discussed working in partnership with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and/or the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and also chatted about the safety of informing the public about these partnerships in order to combat false information.

What was the reaction to this from liberals and fellow travelers?

The spin was so intense that it was hilarious.

Mother Jones’ DC bureau chief, David Corn, claimed Musk “seems to be on the side of election deniers” without providing evidence to support this assertion.

Some tried to make the case that Twitter was biased in favor of right-wing sites, despite the revelations Musk has made and what we have observed. Paris Marx, a tech journalist, said, “Probably a good time to remind everyone that regardless of what Elon Musk, his reactionary advisors, and fake journalists want you to believe, Twitter admitted its algorithms were biased in favor of right-wing accounts just last year.”

Translation: Don't believe the proof Musk and his comrades have presented, not to mention the evidence presented in front of our eyes over the last few years, because Twitter users who had been lying and suppressing information made this claim.

Leftist journalist Keith Olbermann channeled his inner fascist and declared it was the right time to ask the Senate to look into Elon Musk for the temerity of being transparent about the business's past actions.

“It's time for Senate hearings into what scheme @elonmusk is up to, what terrorist or foreign influence is involved,” the tweet read, “and what can be done to remove this public medium from his malign control.”

Thus, censorship of political adversaries is fine, but freedom of expression is “terrorism” and “foreign influence.” However, Democrats are already trying to take aim at Twitter, as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) telegraphed, claiming that they had to be proactive in the fight against “hate speech.” Elon stopped him in his tracks by introducing the truth.

Perhaps one of the most absurd attempts to discredit the facts came from Rep. Ted Lieu (R-CA), who claimed this was simply “gaslighting” by Elon Musk. He tweeted: “@elonmusk  is not stupid, but this faux ‘Twitter files’ stuff is stupid. In 2020, the whole world knew what Trump was tweeting. Media outlets breathlessly covered his tweets. Millions and millions of people followed him. Claiming Trump was silenced in 2020 is pure gaslighting.”

Lieu is struggling with the most fundamental concept. No one has claimed he was “silenced” (completely shut off). However, this doesn't mean that the government didn't try to restrict his reach, shut off conservative support, or shut down news stories such as the one about the Hunter Biden laptop. We knew all this was happening. Who's the one gaslighting here, Ted?

Lieu was shut down by Elon Musk, who spoke straight to the point. “Hey, stop gaslighting me!”

Everyone has a number; Musk has Lieu’s. Bravo to Musk, who doesn't appear to be scared of or feel threatened by the deceptive yahoos.

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