Liberals Feel “Sullied” by Right-Wingers Popping up on Their Twitter Feeds

Perhaps what has been most hilarious about Elon Musk's Twitter takeover is the constant rage from people who are left-leaning and their followers. They're not just incensed about the shift away from total liberal control over this platform. It's also true that they're now exposed to people who might not be liberals on their timelines.

Left-wing journalist Mehdi Hasan didn't like it. “It’s 9.30 in the morning and I am seeing tweets in my feed from Dan Bongino saying Biden is the worst president ever. I do not follow Dan Bongino and he wasn’t retweeted into my feed.”

Actor George Takei, who played Sulu in the original Star Trek, felt “sullied” when he read tweets posted by people who were on the right. “My feed today has all kinds of right wing posts in it from people I definitely do not follow. These are not retweets or likes by others. Just random far-right tweets. I feel sullied by the experience.”

Then there is CNN's Ana Navarro, who claims to be a Republican while constantly promoting liberal propaganda. “On top of all the other crazy going on with @Twitter since @JoshMalina took over, timelines are now full of accounts we don’t follow. I assume this is happening to everyone, not just me. Is there some way of stopping or at least, decreasing this?”

What's interesting is that, yes, there is something happening here that isn't what they're typically used to. Accounts of conservatives aren't censored as they were previously, and Twitter is offering more opportunities to view tweets from accounts you don't follow.

Surprisingly, with an equal playing field, the liberals have begun to see accounts that they weren't able to see when they were living in their own liberal bubble. This speaks volumes about the level of tolerance these people have, showing that they are unable to stand views that differ from their personal beliefs. They are now faced with the fact that a lot of people aren't with them.

All they need to do to not see individuals is to block accounts, but they're people who cry and think they're entitled to not be privy to anyone they don't wish to see on a site that is public.

Of course, conservatives have had to endure viewing liberal accounts while their accounts were suspended or even shut down. Some don't have a relationship with Navarro; however, she will show up on their timelines. They didn't go into a rage. They took advantage of those moments by writing about her outbursts.

This is exactly what is taking place now that the echo chamber of the liberals is exploding.

One can also observe that Navarro's tweet refers to “since @JoshMalina took over.” Josh Malina is an actor who played the role of Will Bailey on the TV show The West Wing. Of course, he includes pronouns on his profile. He has changed his name on his account to impersonate Elon Musk, so he's asking to be suspended for impersonation because there's no indication of “parody” on his account.

That means that either Navarro is the most stupid person in the world (and there's some evidence to support this assertion) or she believes that Josh Malina is Musk. Perhaps she's propagating the fake information that CNN has come to be known for, pushing the account impersonation to more viewers. It's possible that she's asking for a suspension, too.

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