Tim Tebow’s New Devotional for 2023 Is Inspiring for All But Especially Young Men with Few Positive Role Models

There aren't many good male role models, especially for young men, in the public space. Aggression, violence, and loneliness aren't only themes that are frequently featured in the media but have become commonplace in real daily life.

Happily, Tim Tebow is one exception and has consistently utilized his reach to make a difference both inside and outside the sports arena. The former NFL (National Football League) player and sports commentator has created waves over the years for sharing his Christian convictions, an aspect that is uncommon in the current climate of seeking adulation and dreading the imminent threat of being canceled. However, Tebow has expressed his faith in a manner that is not just bold but also respectful and effective.

It's hard to come by in this age of the influencer, in which people often place shock value over using their platform to praise God. It's refreshing that someone chooses to follow the path of higher authority and spread Christ's message in a manner that will bring new believers into the fold and sustain those who are already believers.

Tebow's Biblical advice has been extremely helpful to many when trying to hear or read content that inspires them, particularly on issues of faith.

Tebow released his book Mission Possible through PJ Media in April. But the author has written another inspirational book, Mission Possible One-Year Devotional: 365 Days of Inspiration for Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose, and it's a great complement to the first book. RedState received a special preview of the book that will provide believers with an ongoing boost in our imperfect world.

In one devotional, “You Are A Divine Work of Art,” Tebow refers to Paul the apostle for a reminder of who is really in charge when we're looking to lead extraordinary lives (hint: it's not us! ):

Trying to fit in is a solid strategy for living an average life. But God didn’t call you to be average. He didn’t make you the same as everyone else. When the apostle Paul called us God’s workmanship, he used the Greek word poiema, which means “making,” in the biggest, most creative sense of the word. A good translation might be “the works of God as creator.”1 Some translations use “masterpiece” instead of “workmanship.” You are a divine work of art.

Tebow is then adamant about the dangers of comparison, something of which all of us are in some way guilty. While social media can play a role in this, the majority of us must confront the fact that we're not likely to become someone else who we believe is “better” than us or have all the physical objects they possess. It is a pity that jealousy can creep into our lives; Tebow writes that it's essential to be mindful of God's call for us and ignore the media noise.

You are one of one, created in love, for love, and by Love. 

When you start to embrace and even celebrate how God made you, you can begin to do extraordinary things. When you accept your divine image and see yourself as God sees you, the stress and anxiety of comparison will fade away. Be free to be who God says you are. You matter too much to God to be just like everyone else.

He concludes the meditation with a question that won’t be easy for you to reply to, yet will make you think throughout the day. 

What does it mean to be an image bearer of God? How does that make you see other people as valuable?

Tebow's message should have us wondering what we can do to improve our lives to bring Him glory. It doesn't require being ex-football players to show the joy of Christ to other people, but we must think about the ways in which God is working in our lives and how we can be an example to those around us. Every person is in this world for a reason, and God has an amazing way to reveal how to fulfill that purpose.

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