Viktor Bout’s Mocking of the U.S. on Russian TV Demonstrates the Dismal Reality of the Bout/Griner Swap

The reaction to the controversial Brittney Griner/Viktor Bout swap is still being reported.

Derek Maltz, the former DEA Special Operations Director, spoke with Fox News, describing the efforts that were made to place Bout in prison, the danger he posed to the entire world, and how Bout was found guilty of serious terrorist charges. The former DEA Special Operations Director said that it was even possible that the Obama administration knew the seriousness of this in the first place. Joe Biden was the vice president at the time, and it was his responsibility to understand what a threat Bout posed to everyone in the world.

“Putin has just established a new tool,” Maltz stated, and other politicians are likely to “take advantage of the weakness” that Joe Biden just displayed with this deal. Maltz added that Joe Biden is “pro-gun-control.” But Biden just released the largest arms dealer Maltz had ever witnessed and returned him to Russia during the war against Ukraine. “How ironic and how disgusting is that?” Maltz declared. Maltz noted that Bout will be furious at the U.S. for holding him in jail, and he's likely to repay Russian President Vladimir Putin for arranging his return to his homeland—he’s just the kind of person Putin is looking for to assist him in the fight.

Russian television has already been having fun with the swap, according to reports.

John Kirby, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, didn't seem to believe that the deal presented any risk for national security, stating that the Biden team considered it “manageable” and that Bout was likely to be let out in the future anyway. Yes, he did say that as a reason to let him go as a trade for basketball player Brittney Griner.

Kirby might want to reconsider his assessment, as Bout is currently speaking to Russian TV and ridiculing the United States. Bout declared that he favored the invasion of Ukraine—in fact, Bout said he could not think of a reason why they hadn’t been doing more prior to the invasion, and if he had been around, he stated that he would have been involved.

Do you think anyone who doubts that Putin has already made use of this warmongering terrorist will listen? What a boon for Putin that the US let this terrorist go! He's already playing the role of Putin's puppet to drive the war on. One wonders what the Ukrainians and liberals who are flying those Ukraine flags on their profiles think of this new development. Do you think that the Biden team is aware of how badly they've messed up? The Biden administration will now have the blood of everyone whose murder this man is involved with on their hands. Is this “manageable” for them? Does their “risk assessment” stink?

He also ridiculed the U.S. and the “72 genders” with which American society is obsessed. “Not just gay people and normal people, but 72!” What are LGBTQ people thinking about the man Biden has just freed?

People on the left will be upset about his statement. However, ladies and gentlemen, this man, Bout, is responsible for thousands of deaths, and your man, Biden, was the one who let him go. Does that cause you to be a bit more concerned? The most important thing to remember is that he has no concern for “civilization.”  He just wants a reason to attack the U.S. on Putin’s behalf, and that’s the way he's doing it.

Great job, Joe.

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