Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Disagrees With Griner Swap

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons criticized the prisoner swap of Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Parsons responded to a tweet sent by CBS White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy who said that former Marine Paul Whelan was not being released, despite being in prison in Russia for the last four years.

“Wait nah!! Did we leave a marine?! Heck no,” Parsons tweeted.

Parsons was quickly criticized in his comment section because some people claimed to be “confused” by what the linebacker was trying to convey.

“It was a matter of whether to take Brittany Griner home or not. Russia was not willing to negotiate any concessions in order to return Paul Whalen to his home. What if we had gone home and gone to Brittany? I'm confused.” Jonas Gray Sr. who was a former NFL player, said.

To clarify things, Parsons had to put out another tweet that stated that he was not in any way upset that Griner would be home, however, that he felt the need to make it clear that Whelan should be freed from Russian custody as well. Whelan stated to CNN that he felt shocked at the fact that he didn't get released as well.

“My most recent tweet did not attack Brittney Griner. I'm so happy that she's at home, as she's supposed to be. My family members have served in the military and it's a bit odd to me that the President doesn't return him to his home as well. I'm far from a Trump supporter, but I'm not a huge fan of Biden either,” he said.

However, this wasn't enough for all who continued to express outrage in comments.

Does he really have to clarify his remarks? Most likely not, but it's the norm in the present. People are easily annoyed by what's posted on social media and it's not uncommon for those trying to convince of an opinion that might even be somewhat controversial.

Parsons was just trying to make clear that this prisoner swap issue could be more complex when you look at the bigger picture, particularly since there are still Americans being detained in Russia.

Griner has been detained in Russian prison since Feb and was accused of possession of drugs in August. She was sentenced to nine years of prison, according to RedState:

“A Russian tribunal on Wednesday ruled against WNBA superstar Brittney Griner's appeal against her sentence of 9 years for possession of vape cartridges with cannabis oil. The 33-year old American citizen will be sentenced to serve the remainder of her sentence in a penal colony. Griner is a professional basketball player within Russia in the WNBA offseason. She was detained in February of 2022 , after Russian authorities discovered the contraband in her baggage on her departure at the Moscow airport.”

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