Electronic Secuirty System to Keep White Males Away from Safe Spaces Approved in California College

It's been repeated many times “Safety first.” And at Pomona College, they're dedicated to this tenet.

In the spirit of asylum, the prestigious, private Southern California school boasts an association that welcomes almost all races that is called the Students of Color Alliance (SOCA). The group also has lounges.

In order to access the lounge, an identification card with an electronic chip is needed. To get one, all students must submit a form to request their identity group.

This security mechanism was endorsed by the government last month; ClaremontSOCA announced as much on Instagram:

“In the past, there was no uniform process to grant access into the lounge. This made it difficult to use the space as meant to be. As time goes on it will include an online Google form that students of color will be able to complete in order to request access to the lounge.”

Groups that are members of the Student of Color Alliance:

Latinx Alliance

Caballeros & Senoritas Student Alliance

Eritrean as well as Ethiopian Students Association

African Student Association

Women who are pre-healthy

Asian American Resource Center

In case you've never had the opportunity to hear, People of the Pale are now a pinch-persona non grata:

“University allows extensions to deadlines for Students who aren't white and have self-reported ‘racial- Trauma'”

“College Op-Ed asks whether White People Should be kicked out of events”

“TikTok Tips Etiquette for Whites Must Get permission to hang out with non-whites.”White Shenanigans” are considered brutal.”

“UC Berkeley Professor Told Students that removing whiteness means wiping out White People”

“Yale Medical School Welcomes Psychiatrist who dreams of ‘Unloading an ‘Unloader' into the Head of any White Person'”

“Tennessee University Segregates Students for Antiracism Training. The University also hailed the lack of white People as “magical””

At Pomona, there's a magical happening. But in spite of their Alliance of all non-white groups, all nonwhite groups do not have a common goal.

According to a report from The College Fix, there's been a bit of turf war.

The swipe-access announcement last month was taken amid more agitation about the lounge after The Pomona's Black Student Union was displaced because of construction on campus. The administration made the decision to “build a wall” to divide from the Students of Color Alliance lounge by dividing a part to be used by the BSU.

The “Stop the Wall” protest was initiated in November by students of color, who argued they deserve to have their own “safe space” on campus as per their statement of solidarity.

SOCA's statement:

“The lounge is currently shared by five student organizations on campus. Building the wall could mean that the space we share will be reduced, and it would limit the capacity of our lounge to be a place for students to have a secure space on campus.”

The press release suggests nothing wrong.

“There's nothing wrong, or unjust to request that both groups with different objectives, goals, or activities have the secure spaces that are necessary to pass through the antiBlack capitalist institution of Pomona College.”

This sounds like a tough college to maneuver.

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