School’s Response to Project Veritas Video on Sex Toys at School Makes Situation Worse

Project Veritas has dropped another shocking video that's bound to raise many eyebrows.

The video is a tribute to Joseph Bruno, the Dean of Students at Francis W. Parker school located in Chicago, Illinois, which costs $40,000 annually for tuition. The video shows Bruno talking about students who are from an LGBTQ center that are coming to this school in Pride Week to talk about butt plugs and dildos to students, and teaching “queer sex” to kids and also things like when to make use of lubricant as well as “spit.”

Bruno spoke about how it was a “really, like, cool” aspect of his job. He said the fact that “dildos and butt plugs” were given out to children who were aged between 14-18.

“They're just, like, passing around dildos and butt-plugs,” he explained “The children are playing around with them. They're asking, ‘How does this plug work? What do we do? For instance, how does this function?' He explained how he got the presence of a drag queen. They handed out brownies and cookies, and took photographs.

When asked if everybody liked it, he said that if parents were to complain and he replied, “No. It's sexually explicit.” He also said that he would not even consider running it by trustees since they'd be able to see that it is “wonderful.”

It's astonishing not just because the man talks about giving out sexually-oriented toys to minors, and doesn't see anything wrong with it, but also that he believes that everyone will think that it's all “wonderful.” After the outrage to this video, it’s clear that a majority of people and a majority of parents aren't in agreement.

Is the school worried about the fact that the dean was giving out sex toys to children? Not only are they not upset with him, but they're also upset with Project Veritas for exposing their “inclusive…affirming” teachings. This is an amazing spin on the letter they wrote.

For them, the issue could be because Project Veritas exposed this and made it known but not that they have deans or teachers teaching children about how to use sex toys to promote gay sex, and then handing the toys out. The issue is more complex than just the dean.

If the schools believe it's a good idea, then what is the reason they didn't delete the Twitter accounts of their students?

The school is already circling the wagons right now. We'll have to see what parents are saying to them.

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