Loudon County Superintendent Indicted

Scott Ziegler, the fired director at Loudoun County Public Schools, was informally indicted by a special grand jury which was appointed to look into the blatantly negligent handling of sexual assaults which occurred on school premises. Ziegler is accused of a misdemeanor charge of falsifying publication as well as a misdemeanor charge of unprohibited conduct as well as a misdemeanor of sanctioning employees for appearing in court. Schools spokeswoman Wayde Byard is accused of one count of perjury.

RedState has written extensively about the foolish school officials who let an alleged sexual predator remain at school (where he then assaulted another student) and attacked one of the fathers of the initial victim for asking questions about what happened with his daughter. They also lied to parents about sexual assaults that took place on school property and then refused to accept on any liability for their incompetence and lies.

Ian Prior, head of Loudoun-based parent organization Fight for Schools, told RedState about the latest developments today:

“We will be able to provide more information once the indictments are released. We are happy that families who were hurt by the shocking incompetence of the management of Loudoun County Public Schools, which were further aggravated by its numerous actions of dishonesty and deceit, will be able to enjoy some degree of justice.

We must also acknowledge the parents from Loudoun County that have stood in the past for years, highlighting the incompetence, arrogance, and complete disregard for those officials. Parents have faced insults and slings from local elected officials, the media as well as others from their own neighborhood in the name of speaking truth to power, despite the fact that they did not back down.

Loudoun County should serve as an inspiration for the nation. The citizens can come together to change the world for the sake of truth and justice as well as accountability from their elected officials.”

The indictment marks an act of depravity to Wayde Byard, who is facing the extremely grave accusation of perjury in the felony level. Byard is an icon among Loudoun County families because, as the county's spokesperson, his monotone voice broadcasts the automated messages that inform students and faculty when school is canceled because of snow. Following the findings of the grand jury, however, he could soon join Ziegler at the end of the line for unemployment.

It is worth noting that  Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares was elected in the election that put Glenn Youngkin in the governor's mansion, and made Winsome Sears the state's first female lieutenant governor and first person of color to be elected to a statewide position in Virginia. On the campaign trail in the past, Miyares promised to use every tool that he has to examine and make schools that have flagrantly breached parental rights and put children in danger. Miyares has been a strict take no prisoners Republican like Ron DeSantis and is definitely an emerging star within the Republican Party.

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