Biden Spouts Profanity When Asked About His Age

Joe Biden is the oldest president in the history of our country, having just turned 80 years old. 

His health is now an important issue to voters who frequently place it in the top three priorities when polled. That worry is supported by a wealth of evidence. Biden has often made public appearances in which his senility is reflected like the sun's rays. Biden is not in good shape and the older he gets, the worse his condition is.

However, according to a recent report, the president has no plans to accept that fact. Instead, he's reportedly launching into a slew of profanity-filled rants whenever the subject of his age is brought up.

The most senior commander in the history of the United States, who passed 80 this month, was reported to have “vented to allies” about how often the issue is talked about in the media while the commander considers a run in the race for his second term 2024. 

“You think I don't know how f–ing old I am?” Exasperated Biden (who, according to reports, has a tendency to use profanity — told one of his friends earlier this year,) as reported by the newspaper.

Biden has stated that he plans to run for an additional four years; however, he has delayed the final decision to the beginning of next year, and will be 86 at the time he retires if his second term is a complete term.

Anger-filled flashes that are sudden and intense are symptoms of dementia. Just saying.

The deficiency of self-awareness in this case is simply shocking. Is he unable to see the extent to which he's changed over the past several years? How he is unable to think clearly when he's scrambling over his words, omitting names, as well as acting as a man who ought to be in an assisted living facility?

Normal people who age are able to sense when the pace of their decline is accelerating, and adapt in line with the change. Biden, however, seems like an uninformed bull in a China store. Biden believes that he's just as powerful as he was at 50. He has no idea of his own state or what others think of him. This is probably the most frightening aspect of the scenario. The fact that he isn't aware of himself is the strongest piece of evidence that suggests he shouldn't be in charge of the office he's held.

The notion that Biden is going to run for reelection is absurd. However, it's probably due to Biden's ego-driven personality and his wife's obvious desire to remain in the White House as long as she is able to. As bad as the situation is currently, it’s likely to get worse. Imagine the president running for office in 2024. However, there will be plenty of content for conservative commentators.

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