After Musk’s Takeover, Leftist Users Who Are Intolerant of Others’ Opinions Will Struggle to Find a Viable Twitter Alternative

The left is experiencing a crisis since Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter. They are looking to move on to greener, more liberal pastures like in the old days, but it would appear that nothing available is worth their efforts.

The most well-known of these is probably Mastodon, a leftist platform that former blue workers flocked to to get away from the big, bad billionaire, only to find out that the same censorship that they cheered for on Twitter is currently being applied against them. Users will file complaints against others when they simply say something with which they don't agree, which can result in suspension or banning from the platform.

As per the Hill, other platforms have been popping up, claiming to be the left's preferred social media platform, but it's not working out well at these sites. The network known as Hive Social was overwhelmed by the demand on its servers and was hit by security issues. The servers were shut down and have not been turned back on. This was something that was humorously reported on Twitter.

Another one is Post, which aims to expand into the mix of news and social media in which Facebook and Twitter naturally developed and eventually dominated.

What they have in common are obvious problems. A well-established digital town hall will prove nearly impossible to surpass and become the new standard. Many have spent years on Twitter developing their followings, and letting go of those won’t be easy. It's asking them to begin again on platforms with smaller numbers of users.

What will hinder these platforms from being worth considering is the type of user they're attracting: people who left Twitter because they weren't willing for others to be free to express their opinions without being censored in every way with filters. They were looking for suspensions, shadowbans, and all-out bans on everyone with whom they disagreed.

If you create an online platform that is geared towards these kinds of emotions and sensitivities, you will encounter the same issues that are occurring with Mastodon today. People start reporting and censoring each other due to disagreements. It turns into an echo chamber, where the echoes become softer and softer as more and more users are removed from the platform and end up right back in the same place they were when they started—Twitter.

People who seek to shut out others so they can be in their private, personal headspace and listen to nothing other than what they already like and agree with will eventually cause the stagnation of any space in which they reside as they try to silence and force out everyone else. This is why Twitter is set to continue to grow, and all other platforms will remain in its shadow.

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