The Amnesty Bill Is Dead, and Its Author, Senator Tillis, May Be Reassesing His Future in Politics

Townhall published the post-mortem of another pathetic Senate session that is, in truth, intended to only weaken the new Republican House Majority. The Republican elite is skilled at engaging in a battle against itself, as long as their chosen ones remain in power.

Spencer Brown wrote in Townhall:

“After outcry from conservatives and Republican lawmakers who weren’t willing to betray the GOP’s commitment to the rule of law, legal immigration, and border security, an attempt to grant mass amnesty to DACA beneficiaries is, according to reporting on Wednesday night, dead.

“Unsurprisingly, the fatally flawed legislative framework that was supposed to gin up support on both sides of the political aisle in the U.S. Senate did exactly the opposite as Republicans who limped across the midterm election finish line with barely a majority in the House and a loss in the Senate were not ready to hitch their names to a bill that was toxic among Republican voters.”

The 60-vote threshold required to pass the Amnesty Bill from the chamber to the floor for a vote would have involved a lot of work. Democrat Senators would want the Dreamers to have the opportunity to be granted citizenship as well as no deal on Title 42, which was supported in the framework. Republicans would seek increased border security and a simpler method to stop border crossers who do not comply with asylum rules. It was an exercise in Chinese fire drills in a car that was heading for a dead end.

The two senators who authored this legislation – the now independent Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and North Carolina's Thom Tillis (R) – had reason to believe this bill could be a great feather in their career caps. Sinema hopes to be portrayed as an unifying leader who can provide strong solutions to massive problems, particularly since she's now seen as a political hot potato, whose previous party is planning to take her down in two years. Tillis will not be seeking re-election to the Senate, but there is speculation that he's planning to make a bid to become the North Carolina governor when his Senate term ends in 2026. This means that Tillis has been playing “Senator bipartisan” on bills such as The Respect for Marriage Act, signed by President Joe Biden this week, and the poorly conceived Safer Communities Act, the gun-control legislation that was signed into law in the summer. An obvious sign that he is eyeing a bigger reward is a recent piece published in the Charlotte Observer in which Tillis teased his “legislative philosophy.” 

According to the Charlotte Observer: “Tillis says in everything in Congress he looks to the long game, with implementation of a bill in mind. ‘I’m driven to look at future opportunities based on the body of work that I’ve done at this point,’ Tillis said, ‘and there’s nothing that I’ve been involved in that I’ve regretted, and actually, I don’t think there’s anything I’ve been involved in that’s ever been repealed or substantially modified, so that means it has staying power.’”

It appears that Tillis lost his way, because this bipartisan catastrophe quickly died. We'll find out if Tillis will spend the remainder of his term trying to bring back this dead corpse or get his fingerprints off it.

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